WR Ronnie Bell Press Conference

WR Ronnie Bell

Press Conference – April 29, 2023

San Francisco 49ers

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What was your pre-draft process like with San Francisco and what excites you about being a part of this offense?

“Thank you, and honestly pre-draft-wise, like I know I spoke with the 49ers at my Pro Day and throughout the Combine and Senior Bowl I had spoken to them a little bit too then as well. I’m just excited to be a part of the offense, and definitely as far as where my role is, and where I’ll contribute at, I’m not 100% sure. We’ll see. I know they said we report the 11th [May 11, 2023], so once I’m in the building, once I’m around the guys and pieces start to fall into place I’ll have that answer, but definitely just ready to work and just really excited.”

Head Coach Kyle Shanahan is notoriously known for being very hard on his wide receivers, asking a lot from them, and is offense is very elaborate. How are you prepared to take on that challenge and what are you like when your coaches ask more from you?

“I feel like my whole life I’ve always had tough coaching, hard coaching on me, so that’s something honestly I’m excited about and something I feel like I’m most used to. Yeah, as far as the offense and everything, I’m just again, just once I get my hands on a playbook and start to put things together, I’m just really excited for that whole process.”

I have a question about your Michigan teammate K Jake Moody, because obviously the Niners drafted him last night. Can you describe just the mindset and moxie he kind of showed you guys over the years?

“Yes, thank you and Jake, he’s always been one about his business. He’s one that you know what you’re going to get, and you expect such high things out of him, and he always delivers throughout his whole career. We got there in Michigan the same summer, and throughout his whole career he was always very quiet, very about his business, but he always put in the work, and was always knocking down the field goals, knocking down the big ones and it was just a lot of fun to play with him and I’m excited to do that again.”

The 49ers scouting department said that he’s a guy that just has ice in his veins, would you concur with that assessment?

“Yes, without a doubt I think that is the exact way to describe Moody.”

Can you just talk about what last year proved to you in terms of getting back from the ACL and just how you’re feeling with your health, and whether that could translate to doing return duties if need be?

“Well, yeah I definitely want to be a part of return game, but as far as my knee, I’ve done nothing but feel stronger as the time has gone by. Last year has just showed me throughout the time, I am still getting stronger, even though I felt 100% in the beginning, throughout the season I started to feel even better than I did in the beginning. So, I just feel like I’m just going to continue to get stronger with time.”