WR Danny Gray Press Conference

WR Danny Gray

Press Conference – April 29, 2022

San Francisco 49ers

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What did the 49ers say your role would be in the offense and are you excited to work with head coach Kyle Shanahan?

“Yeah, I’m excited to work with him. I don’t really have a role yet, but whatever it is, I’m ready to play and I’m ready to come in and make an impact.”

What do you feel you bring to the 49ers wide receivers room?

“I bring elite speed, can create open space, and I’m a deep ball threat.”

Take us through the moment when you got the call. What was that like and how are you feeling now?

“It was a great moment. To be the last pick, it was a great moment. All the receivers that were taken before me, I’m going to show them something.”

Can you take us through your meeting with the 49ers? You were not here for a formal, right?

“Yes. The meeting went great. I met with the receivers coach, head coach, GM, all of those meeting were great. It just felt like home. I, overall, had a great meeting with them, so I just knew that one day, this could be my home.”