RB Isaac Guerendo Press Conference

RB Isaac Guerendo

Press Conference – April 27, 2024

San Francisco 49ers

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What was your pre-Draft experience like with the 49ers? Did you have much contact with them?

“Yeah, I actually did. So, even before, the opportunities postseason, they had kind of always been in contact with my agent, [BVM sports agent] Joe Linta. So, I kind of already knew that they were on the radar, but, obviously it’s a blessing to be able to make it final.”


I see you did a little bit of kick returning in college. I don’t know how familiar you are with the new kickoff rules in the NFL. Are you sort of excited to see how your skills fit with that?

“Yeah, that’s definitely been a talk with the new kick return rules. Obviously, nobody’s been in the system yet. But I’m definitely excited for the opportunity and excited to see how that goes.”


How do you think you fit with an outside zone scheme and a lot of the way the 49ers run the ball?

“I’m really excited. Obviously, there’s a talented backfield. So, I’m excited to learn from some of the greatest. And then be able to hopefully contribute in some type of way in that scheme.”


How many times did you talk to running backs coach Bobby Turner through this process?

“He was great about keeping in touch with me, sending me periodic texts, calling me a few times, throughout the process. So he’s been amazing throughout this whole process. I’m excited to get to work with him.”


Would you say that you talked to him or had more communication with him than any other running backs coach in the league?

“I definitely would, yeah.”


He’s known as a real stickler as a coach. Obviously, he’s not coaching over the phone, I assume, but did that come through just his level of detail just in how he operates?

“Yeah, I think that’s something that I’m really excited about and I really appreciate. I’m actually getting a phone call from him right now as we speak [laughs]. Hopefully he doesn’t get upset. I’ll have to get back to him in a little bit. But yeah, I’m excited with that because I think it just gives me a chance to really at the end of the day, when you mess up, you’re going to make mistakes. So, as a mature guy being able to just look the guy in the eyes and coach him up off their mistakes, sometimes, yelling isn’t the best way to get the point across. So he just seems like a laid back guy, but a guy that has a lot of experience. So he is definitely going to be able to help me develop and then play my best ball.”


He’s a coach who really wants his running backs to know what all 11 are doing on the field. Are you ready for that type of intense coaching and analysis of the offense?

“Yes, a hundred percent. I think in this last season, that’s definitely something that I was working to improve on. I think that’s just something that also is going to just give you a step ahead and I think it’s going to help you to play fast. For instance, for me if you don’t have to think about it you’re able to play a lot faster. So obviously it’s important that you learn that. And I’m excited, like I said, to get to work with him.”


What were your expectations? Is this about where you expected to go or when you came into this, what were you thinking?

“I really had the mentality of how the Draft goes. It’s very unpredictable. So the range was three to five, so I expected to be in that range. I didn’t know who was going to go before me or how many running backs it was, but I think mentally, I was prepared for whatever. So obviously excited to finally get picked. It is definitely a dream come true, but now I’m definitely excited to get to work.”


Your production went up a lot last season. What would you say was a huge factor in that? I know you changed schools, but what was it about this new system?

“I think the new system. I think with, with [University of Louisville head coach] Coach [Chris] Barclay and then how he kind of taught the running backs. Just making that transition from a school like Wisconsin. They were obviously heavy on run the ball when I was there, but with how the league is changing and all that stuff, you needed to be able to showcase and add value in multiple different ways. So obviously being able to showcase, catching the ball out of the backfield, as well as pass protection, but then running the ball, it helps a lot. And I think we had a lot of different run schemes that we used and that worked for us this year. I think that was important to my success.”


How familiar are you with Miami Dolphins RB Raheem Mostert, and what do you think of comparisons to Mostert?

“Yeah, he’s obviously a great back. But you just look at his speed. He has exceptional speed. I don’t know if I’m as fast as him. But with his exceptional speed and just the way he’s decisive in the run game, I think that gives him gives him a leg up. So being able to continue to grow myself and then hopefully being great like a back like that, that’s important. So, the plan is to really just continue to take lessons, to ask questions to the good backs that I’m around and then be able to learn from them.”


Did the Dolphins, the Jets or the Texans, some other teams that run what the 49ers do, did they pay attention to you in the Draft as well?

“Yeah, those were all teams that I was in contact with at some point. I spoke with the running back coaches and all that stuff and visited two of those teams. So, definitely scheme wise, they were interested. But obviously I’m excited to be with the 49ers.”


You’re going to be joining RB Christian McCaffrey in the running backs room. How familiar are you with his game and what he’s able to do?

“Obviously, he’s one of the greatest backs. I was just telling my family, I think that he’s probably going to get annoyed with me and how many questions I’ll ask him just because of the amount of production he has and continues to have and how consistent he is. And then, his recovery plan, just all that stuff. Just being able to pick a great back, like that’s brain is really important. And then that’s definitely something that I’ll do. So hopefully in the next few weeks he’s not annoyed by me, but we’ll see what happens.”