QB Trey Lance Press Conference

QB Trey Lance

Press Conference – August 6, 2022

San Francisco 49ers

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It seems like things started off maybe a little bit shaky today. Maybe it’s just incompletions, whatever, but it seemed like you guys found a rhythm there at the end. Can you just take us through that last situation?

“Yeah. We ended with the two-minute drill and ups and downs trying to get explosives, trying to move the ball, trying to be efficient. But yeah, it ended up where [WR] Ray-Ray [McCloud] made a great play, coming back to the ball, a tough situation, six seconds left. I think we were from like the 20-yard line. Yeah, that’s about as tough as it gets, that situation, so for Ray-Ray to work, keep working off-schedule, the offensive line to hold up and do a good enough job for me to just be able to get the pass off and give us a chance. But yeah, I give credit to Ray-Ray on that one, he made a great play.”

How nice has it been to have WR Deebo Samuel back and also how much of an emphasis was it for you to make sure you guys get on the same page? I saw you working a little extra yesterday at the end.

“It’s awesome. I mean, anytime we’re both feeling good after practice. Yesterday was a little bit lower volume than today was, so anytime that we’re able to get extra work. Ray-Ray, [TE] George [Kittle]. During special teams, Deebo is on some special teams, so it’s hard during those in-between periods to get extra work with him. And obviously, we use him in so many different ways, so there’s so many things we can do to get extra reps, outside of just throwing routes. But it’s been awesome to have him back, man. Just in the locker room, his energy’s been back. In the meeting room, he’s just a high-energy guy, fun guy to be around. And everyone knows what he does on the field.”

Can you go back to the touchdown pass that you threw to Ray-Ray, you stepped up in the pocket. Did you have a lane that you were tempted to go and run through and kind of what is it this camp that you’re trying to do so that you’re not doing that look for the pass first?

“Yeah, I said it kind of last time. I haven’t really changed my mindset as far as no one’s telling me not to run or to run. But just trying to play fast. In that situation, everyone’s on the goal line and I’m on the 20-yard line, so if I run the game is over. I’m not going to run through eight guys in that situation. So I know I just have to get the ball up, get the ball out and give those guys a shot. Like I said, Ray-Ray made a great play, working in the back of the end zone.”

You rolled left, he was on the right. Was he your first read? Like when did you spot him in the play?

“Everyone’s kind of one in that situation. It’s just whoever pops and he did a great job. I saw him sell, I think it was [DB Darqueze Dennard] ‘Quez guarding him in that situation in the end zone. Started like he was going to come across and come back down in stem. Man, he ran a great route, created separation. I just had to get the ball out.”

What happened on the interception?

“It was zero pressure. I just have to get the ball out faster, and [DB] Jimmie [Ward] made a great play. It sucks. It’s frustrating, but, at the end of the day, I’m here to turn the page and I’m really glad we’re going against this defense.”

You guys are locker mates, right? Does he let you hear about that?

“Oh yeah, I’m sure he will. Yeah, but he’s going to have to hear from me again tomorrow. He’s not going to say too much about it, but man, he made a great play. And he’s always helping me out with little things. [CB] Jason Verrett’s the other side of my locker, so same thing, he’s at practice paying attention. So, anything that I’m giving away or that they’re giving away, we’re always talking back and forth. And man, it’s great to have a guy like that in that room as much respect as he has, from me and from the whole team, this whole organization. Not a lot of guys have as much respect as Jimmie, so for me to be able to just have a conversation with him and joke around and compete against him every single day is awesome.”

Describe the connection you have with WR Brandon Aiyuk and how all the work you guys have put in together might have helped get to that point?

“I give the credit to Brandon. That’s the work he put in. I’ve been saying it since this whole spring, summer he was locked in this offseason. I think he had a goal of separating himself and becoming kind of a different player. And he’s done that, man. He’s in a great spot right now, physically, mentally, he’s seeing the game, he’s feeling the game, he’s killing guys right now. He is making some really big plays and separating himself, so I know he is going to continue to do that. And that’s a credit to the way he comes every day.”

Is he one of those guys that you feel like even if a DB’s there, you can still throw it to him?

“Man, I feel like that about our receivers. We got playmakers, thankfully. That’s the way we’ve done it here and we got guys that can make plays across the board. But yeah, B.A.’s done a great job. He’s shown it. He’s taken advantage of all the opportunities he’s been given.”

With WR Danny Gray just up here, has this camp been really helpful just getting your timing down with that speed, that downfield speed, because you didn’t get use him or practice with him much of the spring when he was out?

“Yeah. We were just with him phase one and phase two, so just routes on air. So this is the first time I’ve gotten live reps and one-on-one reps with him and yeah, man, he’s done a great job. He’s getting better every single day. We give him a hard time sometimes, but man, he’s really done a great job. He’s growing every day and he’s got great guys ahead of him to look at.”

Guys talk about reaching a point where things slow down a little bit. Have you reached that point and if so, how do you feel that?

“When you say things slowing down, it’s just getting better. And for me it’s every single rep, like every rep I take, I think the game slows down and that’s kind of the way I’m going about it every single day, one day at a time and every single rep is trying to learn as much as I can from it.”

But it seems like you’re not running for your life quite as much as you were in some earlier practices. Do you feel like things are maybe coming together a little bit on the offensive line?

“It’s really hard to block with no pads on, so that’s I think probably more of the reason than anything. But yeah, we’ve switched guys in and out. Hopefully getting [OL Jaylon Moore] J-Mo back soon, but [OL] Spencer [Burford]’s done a great job. I think he’s started almost every single first team right with us. So, he’s done a great job, super mature dude. And across the line, now we have [T] Mike [McGlinchey] and [T] Trent [Williams] back also, but across the board, first and second year younger guys have been doing a great job.”

Burford’s maturity, he’s a smaller school guy and to come in and do what he’s done has he opened your eyes a little with just how he’s been able to handle things?

“Yeah, I had high expectations for him coming in. I had watched him play and yeah, he’s lived up to all of it and he’s done a great job. I’m not obviously, in the offensive line with him every day. And I know he’s growing and getting better every single rep, but just the way he carries himself, man, he comes to work every day, like a pro and that’s a lot for a rookie also.”