QB Trey Lance Press Conference

QB Trey Lance

Press Conference – July 29, 2021

San Francisco 49ers

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Take us through just day one. You sign your contract, two hours later, you’re out there on the field. And then you had a notable practice yesterday. What’s this been like just these two days under contract and now practice?

“Yeah. Obviously the dream part of is kind of over. Like I said during OTAs, it’s work now. So it’s been a ton of fun. Super thankful, obviously, to the organization. It was really important to me to be here for my teammates and my coaches and obviously just for my job to be here for the first practice. So I’m super thankful for all my people and all the people in the organization for making sure that that was possible.”

What was the 40 days you were gone like? What was your kind of your daily routine in terms of staying up on the playbook, workouts and all that kind of stuff?

“Yeah, like you said, just trying to stay up on the playbook. Learn as much as I possibly can. And obviously just continue to work my craft. Got to throw with a few receivers and guys, which was awesome just to be able to be around my teammates during those times when everyone isn’t together. But there’s a ton of fun. Like I said, I got to travel a little bit and be around my teammates

You worked out with WR Deebo Samuel, with WR Brandon Aiyuk, with Mohamed Sanu Sr. How did those workouts come about? Did they seek you out? Did you do the opposite with them?

“Kind of just almost coincidence. Guys train in different places. And if guys are in the same place at the same time. Like me and Mo were both together at the same time. And the same thing with BA and [WR] River [Cracraft] and [WR] Kevin [White] and those guys. So it just worked out great. Obviously, it’s good to be able to throw to my guys whenever I can.”

Did it help chemistry? I mean, you’ve been throwing to some of these guys quite a bit these first couple days practice. Your rapport with Aiyuk and Samuel was pretty good for a rookie.

“Yeah, absolutely. It’s awesome. Like I said, just to be able to be around my teammates and get to know guys better. I’m new here. So still learning and still get to know everyone.”

Would you characterize your relationship with QB Jimmy Garoppolo and do you consciously do things within that relationship to avoid things, maybe being awkward?

“No, there’s no awkwardness at all. We’re good friends. We got to spend a lot more time together now and definitely looking forward to continuing learning as much as I can from him. He’s one of the, like I said earlier, the best people that I’ve ever been around on and off the field. So just super excited to continue to learn this year as much as I can from him.

How much of your on-field learning is just kind of figuring out what you can get away with? Where you can put balls? Yesterday, the throw at George, is that a throw that you wouldn’t make in a game situation, but it practice, you kind of want to test yourself and see what the guys on the other end are going to do with that?

“I treat every rep like as a game rep. I wouldn’t throw a ball at just to see what happens. I don’t think that’s the way that that coach Shanahan runs the offense and everyone else within our offense. It’s kind of just not how we operate. I take every rep, obviously, to do my very best and not make the same mistake twice.”

Kyle said that basically in OTAs, you had a lot they were focusing on trying to tighten up with your mechanics. Then coming back after 40 days, it’s a little bit easier to just kind of settle in and play the game. How do you feel being able to just play?

“Yeah. I feel a lot better. I feel a lot more comfortable definitely now than I did during OTAs. Anytime you go through something and learn it and then get to take some time away and kind of relearn it by myself and now coming through and doing it again, really learning it the third time through, it helps a ton. And it helps a ton, like I said, the relationship with my teammates I have now, feeling more comfortable here and feel more comfortable to ask questions.”

Last time I spoke to you, you had just been selected at the draft when it was freezing cold. I welcomed you to the West Coast. It’s been a while. There’s been a lot of talk about the cost of living out here. And now that you signed your contract, are you going to stay where you are? Are you thinking of moving somewhere else? What’s the situation been like?

“Yeah, I’m gonna stay where I am. I’m comfortable. Just found a place where I’m feel comfortable and a place that feels like home a little bit. So for me, I spend my time here, so it’s really just a place to sleep.”

Where specifically, when you were with Sanu and the other guys, where were you working out with them?

“In Atlanta and Southern California were the two main spots.”

Did your mobility on the field, we haven’t seen it go out on a full on scramble and break the line of scrimmage yet. Is that something that you’re training yourself not to do unless you’re buying time? You’re going through your progressions like, I would assume, Shanahan wants. Is that hard not to just take off running if you see a lane?

“Guys are a lot faster now than they were in college for sure. But I’m just trying to play within the offense and no I’m not really trying to do anything different or thinking. I’m just playing.”

How much does Mohamed Sanu’s experience, kind of veteran leadership, help you adjust to what you’re doing?

“He’s awesome. Another guy that’s a serious vet. And you can tell how he carries himself. And I actually got to know him a little bit before the draft. And just his knowledge, not only of the game, but of taking care of his body and things like that has helped me a ton.”

What’s it like working with Kyle Shanahan? How demanding is he?

“It’s awesome. Coach Shanahan’s awesome. His knowledge of the game is second to none, in my opinion, with people I’ve been able to be around. So it’s been a ton of fun.”

What specific parts of Jimmy’s game impress you and you try to pick up maybe from watching him?

“Everything. I mean, Jimmy played in the Super Bowl two years ago. So he does a lot, a lot, a lot of things at a really high level. So it’s been awesome for me. Like I said, I don’t know if there’s anyone better out there that I could learn from right now.”

He’s known for his release. Is that something that you’re working on yourself and do you kind of watch him to see how he gets rid of the ball quicker?

“Yeah. I watch how he operates on every single play. Like I said, I don’t know if there’s anyone out there better for me to learn from as a human being and as a football player.”