QB Trey Lance Press Conference

QB Trey Lance

Press Conference – August 4, 2023

San Francisco 49ers

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The other day in practice, you missed a throw to WR Deebo Samuel and then I noticed after practice it seemed like you went through that exact same route, maybe four, five, six times. Is that something where you just like I made a mistake, I want to conquer it and correct it and try to rectify it before moving on?

“Yeah, for sure. I mean, most of the throws, if it’s something I didn’t feel super comfortable with then that would be the case. It was just a weird look, felt like he didn’t get his head around right away, and I should have just let it go. I didn’t trust it. So, that’s on me. Definitely just try to continue to keep getting better.”


How has it been learning to trust your body? With all the recovery that you’ve had, different injuries, is it something that’s a process for you?

“Honestly, super thankful and super blessed to be healthy. I feel 100-percent and don’t even really feel my ankle or think about it out there at practice at all.”


Do you feel like maybe even more so than your first three years here that the entire room is kind of bringing everybody along? Helping everybody out?

“Yeah, absolutely. And I credit that to our quarterback staff, [offensive passing game specialist] Klint [Kubiak], [assistant quarterbacks coach] Klay [Kubiak] and [quarterbacks] coach [Brian] Griese have done a great job, like you said, bringing guys along and I think our quarterback room, as you guys can see, is playing at a real high level.”


Do you guys have fun in there? Or is it all just business?

“No, it’s a ton of fun. We’ve got a fun group of guys, so it’s been a ton of fun to get to know those guys, spend time with them in the building, outside of the building and just get to know them as people.”


I actually meant more trust with your receivers as you’re going through the process.

“It’s been awesome getting reps with a ton of different guys, getting reps with a bunch of guys I’ll get reps with in the preseason. So, super excited for that. It’s been fun to watch these guys grow as well over the past three years. Seeing how well Deebo, [TE] George [Kittle] and B.A. [WR Brandon Aiyuk] specifically are moving and catching the ball.”


How has the way head coach Kyle Shanahan runs training camp practices changed over your three years and what little surprises does he throw in for you?

“They really haven’t, schedule-wise, I think that’s the biggest thing that dictates it. Going to Vegas next week will be different for us having a Week 1 joint practice rather than Week 2. But for the most part, it’s been pretty consistent.”


You mentioned a couple times that you guys get along and see each other outside the building in the quarterback room. Are there things you guys do?

“We do dinners for the most part. It’s hard during camp, but as we get going into the preseason for sure, we’ll get more time to spend together.”


What do you get out of these joint practices with the Raiders, last year with the Vikings?

“Yeah, just going against a different defense, seeing different looks. For our offense and defense, it’s nice to be able to go against someone else for sure.”


Do you do any like prep work as far as understanding the kind of coverages you’re going to see? Do you go in game planning a little bit?

“No, we don’t game plan. I guess that’s more of a question for Kyle. But, preseason games typically over the last two years, you don’t really game plan. Definitely going in having watched some tape and at least know what to expect, not necessarily going in blind.”


Your situation’s a little different than your first two years here. Is there less pressure, like in a good way?

“I guess I wouldn’t put it that way. For me, nothing’s changed the last three years. I feel like I’ve attacked it the same way. I feel like I’m in a much better spot, myself personally this year, than I have been the past two years. But mindset-wise, mentally for me, I feel like if I’m not putting that same pressure on myself in practice, then the game’s a lot harder.”