QB Sam Darnold Press Conference

QB Sam Darnold

Press Conference – January 4, 2024

San Francisco 49ers

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How much did getting snaps in the Baltimore game help you going into this game?

“If I do need to go in there, I’ll do my best and whenever I can get reps, it’s always helpful moving forward.”


QB Brock Purdy said that he’s learned a lot from you and how you’re for the room. How have you kind of embraced that role this year?

“I think it’s kind of, I’ve always kind of viewed myself as someone who just tries to help the team win however I can. I kind of did that last year obviously when [Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB] Baker [Mayfield] got named the starter, I did everything I could to help that team win and help him get ready for games. So, just continuing to embrace that role and do everything I can to help these guys get wins on Sundays.”


What have you learned from Brock?

“A lot. Brock is, just in terms of his process, what he does to get ready for the game, he studies a ton and he’s very meticulous about that. And just the way he goes about reading the defense, he does exactly how he’s coached and like he just got done telling you guys, he stays within himself better than any quarterback I’ve been around in terms of just taking what the defense gives him and obviously there’s a time and place to be aggressive and try to make throws, but I think he’s very poised in certain situations to be able to just check the ball down and live to fight another day.”


Brock was just talking about how good of a resource you’ve been for him specifically on the sideline during games. That probably hasn’t worked in the opposite direction yet this year, but I’m guessing it’s going to happen on Sunday, or maybe in camp did it happen? Or do you have any kind of examples of Brock kind of helping you out in the heat of the moment, kind of recalibrate the way that you’ve helped him?

“Yeah, for sure. I mean, he’s been in the system now for two years. Obviously, this is my first year in it, so just different things in terms of where to go hot and when I got a blitz, who I should look to on a certain concept or a certain play. So, yeah, Brock has been helping me out ever since I got here.”


You’ve been in this system now for almost a full season. How does it sort of compare to other situations or other rooms you’ve been in?

“Yeah, it’s a really good system. I mean, there’s just, there’s answers for everything. I’m not going to sit here and compare it to any other system that I’ve been in, but there’s just answers for everything that the defense does and that allows the quarterback to go out there and play fast.”


You’ve played a lot of football in your career and then this year obviously has been a different thing, but are you going to be a better quarterback next year, wherever you are, for having been here?

“I just think with experience, you continue to grow as a quarterback and as a person. But yeah, I mean with these coaches, with these players, I felt like I’ve grown a lot this year and then just going to continue to take it one day at a time and one game at a time.”


You’re going into your first playoffs, so how excited are you about that and I guess how are you going to use this opportunity to get ready for that?

“Yeah, I mean, just excited to keep playing more football. Week 18 isn’t the last week of football that we’re going to be playing here, so that’s always a good feeling whenever you can go into the postseason and I’m excited about that opportunity and like I said, just to continue to help this team however I can.”


When you watch this team, the thing that jumps out is that none of these receivers have an ounce of fear running across the middle of the field, and that’s not typical around the league. Have you noticed that?

“Yeah, no doubt. I mean, I saw it firsthand when I was on the sideline watching [WR] Deebo [Samuel] take a little screen and [Baltimore Ravens CB] Marlon Humphrey kind of hit him and he just kept going. Deebo didn’t even see him coming and he just kind of looked like he just bounced right off him. So, yeah, got a ton of great talent and like you said, a lot of guys that are very selfless in the way that they play, in the way that they act around the building, it’s a special group.”


This is kind of ancient history, but you could have gotten more money to go elsewhere. Obviously, you haven’t gotten to play that much, which you knew wasn’t guaranteed, but any regrets about your decision?

“No. No. Zero regrets.”