QB Nick Mullens Postgame Press Conference

49ers QB Nick Mullens

Press Conference – December 7, 2020

San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo Bills


What happened on the on that quarterback sneak?

“Yeah, we went on the silent cadence and I want a little bit too early. Trying to anticipate the snap count, I went a little bit too early. And didn’t execute.” 

Then Kyle Shanahan said he felt like the tonight had a chance to be one of those games that could be a shootout that you just have to kind of keep up with them that you left some plays on the field. For you personally, know you haven’t seen the tape yet, but were there plays you felt like got away from you that prevented you from being able to kind of keep up?

“Yeah, I mean, I yeah, I mean, I definitely feel the same way as coach does. I feel like there was a lot of space in the field for us to attack. We had our opportunities to attack and we just did an execute as a group. I think the most important thing, people talk about big plays, but it’s big plays at the right times. And that’s one thing that I, and us as an offense, have to improve. Every game, every play in the game is the most important play. And you don’t know when those moments are going to come but to extend drives to a flip the field, score touchdowns, every moment is key. And so, the execution level has to be higher.”

Kind of the theme on both sides of the ball, offense and defense were missed opportunities by both sides. Was there anything that you can put your finger on that prevented you all from executing?

“Well, no. Nothing in particular, no. I feel like we could have had a big game and we didn’t. I don’t think it was one thing. Just got to go back to work. Next week we’re focused on the details and I’ll just keep striving to get better. That’s all you can do. And that’s the mindset that you got to keep striving to get better and making plays at the right time.”

What’s sort of your, how do you view the team’s mindset now? What, what’s the locker room like, particularly, knowing that the challenge of going through the rest of the season with a large part of it likely being in Arizona?

“Yeah. I mean, after the loss we’re frustrated we. We really feel like we can be a better football team. So, we’re all frustrated. But we know that this loss isn’t going to break us. There’s a lot of football left to be played. We get more opportunities and ready to get back to work for those opportunities. And I mean, this team is tough, as tough as it gets. And so, we’re not going to back down. We embrace the challenge. We love the challenge, and that’s what we’re going to work and strive for.

Getting WR Brandon Aiyuk back on the field this week, did you feel like you immediately had your timing down? I mean, he was out for a little while. Was that any part of the issue on the field tonight?

“No, I felt good. Brandon is an incredible football player and anytime we can get the ball in his hands, like we saw tonight, he can change our offense, change the game. I left a couple throws, low for him, which is very frustrating because I know what he can do after the catch. He’s a great player and I thought he did his job tonight.”

When it comes to, when you see a quarterback that you’re opposing have a big night, like Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen did tonight, does that register where you’re seeing some of it or are you too buried in your own playbook and talking to your coach to kind of appreciate it? Or kind of get I don’t know, pumped up to try to match him?

“Yeah. I mean, as a quarterback, I was excited. I really felt like we could have put up a lot of points. I really do. I really feel like we could have put up a lot of points. We didn’t execute enough consistently to you know, match their success. But yeah, he did a great game or he had a great game. We knew he was a great player and he played at a really good high-level tonight. So, you’ve got to tip your hat off to them. And yeah, it’s frustrating. I feel like I could play a lot better.”