QB Nick Mullens Postgame Press Conference

49ers QB Nick Mullens

Press Conference – December 13, 2020

San Francisco 49ers vs. Washington Football Team


Can you just go over the pick six throw, what you were trying to see to FB Kyle Juszczyk over on the sideline?

“Oh, yeah, I was just trying to find my outlet and I was trying to get the ball to the outlet before the defender got there, but I’ve just got to protect the ball and can’t make that crucial mistake.”

I wanted to ask about that, too. It seemed like head coach Kyle Shanahan bolted downfield at a certain point. Is that a case of you and he having to read the coverage the same way and obviously that not having happened?

“Yeah, I mean, but I think you’re just trying to make a play to get rid of the ball and it’s just a mishap that happened. I’ve just got to protect the ball and can’t make that type of mistake that changes the game.”

They showed you, and obviously not surprising, you looked very frustrated and upset after the pick six. How did you kind of settle yourself after that type of play and obviously play better in the fourth quarter?

“Oh, yeah. You just always answer back. You have to be relentless, resilient and always keep fighting and that’s what I’ll always do. No matter what the situation is, focus on the details, keep fighting, focus on the next play and just keep pushing to be better.”

This is, I think, seven straight games with at least two turnovers for you guys? What is the frustration level with that and what can be done to fix that issue?

“Yeah, it’s just focus on the details, working during the week and just taking care of the football. At some point, it has to be done to give this team a chance to win. If you turn the ball over, you’re not going to win football games and that’s really, that’s what it comes down to.”

It seems like during the scripted plays the first quarter, you tend to do a little bit better and then it’s sometimes in the second quarter, there seems to be a little bit of a falloff in your production. Can you explain why that happens or is there anything in particular that goes on then?

“I don’t think so. I think every game is different, but you just focus on what you can control. I have to make the routine plays. As an offense, we didn’t make routine plays. They kept us on the field and once you’re not making routine plays, you’re behind the sticks and it creates unfortunate situations. So, it’s all collective as far as make routine plays, then you’re staying on the field. You’re not in tough situations and that’s just playing smart football and just executing at a high level. That’s what I didn’t and we didn’t do today.”

Kyle was in there saying he was thinking about bringing QB C.J. Beathard in after the pick six. Did you know that and was that at all, I guess you want to score every drive, but was that all on your mind when you went down and had the scoring drive the next possession?

“No. I didn’t know that. We did not discuss that, but at that point, you’re worried on the football game. Every time you’re out there, it’s a new opportunity and that’s what you’re focused on and just leading the offense.”

I just want to get your impressions of what you thought about Washington defensive line and DE Chase Young in particular, how well they were able to pressure you throughout the game?

“Yeah. They’re a good team. I feel like if we would’ve protected the football, I felt like we would have won the football game, but as far as their guys up front, they’re very talented. Obviously, Chase Young’s a very good player and you can notice his speed from the start. I threw a screen pass in the first quarter and he ran down from the D-Line spot and made the tackle. That’s kind of when I noticed, I was like, ‘Yeah, he’s actually pretty fast.’ So yeah, they’re good players.”