QB Jimmy Garoppolo Press Conference

QB Jimmy Garoppolo

Press Conference – November 17, 2021

San Francisco 49ers

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You had the quickest release of any quarterback this past weekend. That’s kind of been something, you’re trademark in your career. Has that gotten better over time and how helpful is that to you as a quarterback?

“Yeah, I think just, you know, going against the front we were going against, it was definitely part of the game plan. Just get the ball out on time, help the O-Line out. And yeah, I think we did a good job of that. I think it starts with the game plan and then goes to us executing it.”

At some point during the game your running back broke his finger. Were you guys aware of that or what does that say to the rookie’s toughness that he’s able to kind of play through some of these injuries?

“Honestly, I had no idea until I heard after the game. But yeah, [RB] Elijah [Mitchell], it’s not the first time he’s played with an injury. This guy, he’s a battler, knew it from the first play he got into Detroit. I can remember seeing him in the huddle. He was just, it was different. And for him to battle the way he has through injuries and all the guys are dealing with stuff, but he’s done a good job of that stuff. It’s impressive.”

Going back to that first plan Detroit, I mean, what did you mean? Is it the eyes that you’re looking at? Is it his focus?

“Yeah, a little bit of everything and kind of just get a feel for someone. And when you’re in the huddle with them, you’re looking in their eyes, is the moment too big for him? It reminded me of [RB JaMycal] Hasty. Honestly, last year Hasty came in and his first play was ready to roll and it was like, all right, this guy, he’s made of the right stuff. And Elijah was the same way.”

I think the last three weeks you haven’t thrown a single play-action pass from under center. Everything’s been in shotgun. Is that an adjustment you guys have consciously made and how much maybe does that help you over the last few weeks?

“I think it helps us. I think, obviously our play-action from under center has been good in the past too. So it’s kind of a pick your poison, I guess, with defenses. It’s a week to week thing though. It really is. Because we’ve done both of them in the past and it’s just kind of what’s the hot hand lately. And so the way we’ve been running the ball, I mean, I could see us going back to the other way or sticking with the shotgun either way.”

Was there more of a comfort level for you doing that, just that you don’t have to take your eyes off of the defense?

“I guess, yeah. I think any quarterback naturally is more comfortable in the gun, just you’re away from the D-Line and everything, but yeah, I’ve done both ways. So I’m pretty comfortable with both.”

Do you think it’s easier for you to get in a rhythm and maybe are those windows a little bit bigger when the running game is as effective as it was on Monday?

“Yeah. I mean, it definitely makes everything easier. Whenever you can get into a rhythm like that that, that opening drive really kind of set up the rest of the game for us, just the way we ran the ball and they had to make some adjustments to if they wanted to stop it. And we just played off of that.”

Why do you think you’re able to execute so well on third downs and that’s been one of the main issues in the past few weeks?

“It could be a number of reasons. I think we had a good plan going into it, but I think guys just, I said it last week, the week of practice was different. Just guys locked in, little details here and there. And that’s what third down and red zone really come down to is how detailed are you in those little things and can you make the play when you need to.”

 When you’re looking at the Jaguars film, how much does Jacksonville Jaguars DE/OLB Josh Allen show up on tape?

“A lot, especially these last two weeks. He’s a hell of the player, man. He really is. They’ve got a lot of speed on that defense from sideline to sideline, but just Josh, he’s impressive. You saw he did in the Buffalo game and did it against the Colts too. So it’ll be a challenge for us.”

OL Daniel Brunskill was matched one-on-one with Los Angeles Rams DT Aaron Donald close to 20 snaps and held his own. What did you make of that performance by him?

“That’s the Dan we expect, man. He’s done it in the past. I don’t know, Dan, just the whole O-Line played phenomenal, but Dan he played great in those. When you get put in a one-on-one like that, it’s a tough situation for anybody and for him to step up like he did, I mean, there was the fourth-down play, he was one-on-one with him. Just crucial situations. That’s what I was trying to say on third downs. When those moments come up and your number’s called, can you answer the bell? And you know, O-Line doesn’t always get that much credit, but those guys are answering the bell every single play.”

On the first drive there was an eight-yard run by WR Deebo Samuel in the red zone and Dan Brunskill threw Aaron Donald to the ground. Did you notice that and has anyone said anything to Dan Brunskill about throwing Aaron Donald down?

“Yeah, we’ve got to be careful giving Dan too much here. No, Dan played his ass off, man. He really did. Those things you don’t really notice until you’re watching the film either, just how guys are handling him. You could feel it on the field, but you don’t know the detail of it. And yeah, I mean, he balled out, man. He really did.”

You said this last week of practice was different. Given that it’s not going to be the same emotional team, you’re facing a 2-6 team, going on the road, how do you recreate that and make sure the standard doesn’t drop?

“Just the leaders on the team. I think it starts with us, whether it’s walk-through, practice, whatever it is, we’ve got come with the right mindset. And I think it trickles down to everyone else. You know, these short weeks happen quick. We’re right back to it today. And you’ve just got to go in with the right mindset. I think that’s where it starts.”

You had a terrific game against the Rams. I’m not trying to nitpick you. There was one play in the third quarter that head coach Kyle Shanahan you could see he called a shot deep for WR Trent Sherfield and you didn’t throw it. I looked like he was open. I’m just curious after watching the film why didn’t you throw it?

“It was a, yeah that was definitely a shot play. Just when I was rolling out, I forget who they were pinning, the D-End that they were pinning, I felt him kind of making a move and I don’t know, just at that time of the game, it’s a touchy subject, I guess you could say. I don’t know. You want to take the big shot, but at the same time you don’t want to make a stupid play, get a strip-sack, something like that. It’s just the feel of the game, I guess. Looking back I wish I would’ve thrown it, but is what it is.”

What’s your best memory from Christmas Eve, 2017, last time you played the Jaguars?

“Oh geez. That was a great time. It seems like forever ago, honestly. Just different team. I don’t know. I could remember [TE] George [Kittle] scoring a touchdown, [Buffalo Bills RB Matt] Breida scoring a touchdown to seal the game at the end there. It was a fun day. Hopefully we could recreate that this Sunday.”

What is the mental shift Deebo made to make the strides that he’s made? Where do you think that happened or when did you see that change in him?

“Some time in training camp. I’m trying to, I can’t remember a specific day, but in training camp there was a sort of a lull in our receiver room of just like, you know, who the leader is and we didn’t really have a vocal leader. And I can remember Deebo just kind of, you know, Deebo’s not the most vocal guy in the world, but he leads by example and in one-on-ones he would always go first. He would step up first, kind of set the tone for everybody, make big plays, get guys excited. And that’s really when he started to, I mean, he’s always been phenomenal, don’t get me wrong, but that’s when he started to open up and really become a leader of that room.”

We’ll keep talking about Deebo. How valuable is it to have someone who you can trust in a variety of different situations?

“I think it’s invaluable. It really is. I trust all those guys though. And I think that comes from just the reps and being with someone. Me and Deebo have played a lot of football together. There were a couple of broken plays in that game where we made eye contact and I was like, go that way, man. And he did it and it was just being on the same page with one another, I think. And he did a good job of that stuff.”

Kyle has said that RB Jeff Wilson Jr. is somebody who’s very well-liked in the locker room and guys sort of rally around him. What is it about him that lends to that?

“Just his attitude, man. His attitude, his vibe. He’s fun to be around, but he’s not fake about it though. He’s just being himself. And I mean, I can remember coming in at halftime from this game. We were up big, guys want to sort of relax a little bit and Jeff was as fired up as anyone saying we’ve got to start the engine over and get things going again. And it’s just little things like that, that go a long way with guys.”