QB Jimmy Garoppolo Press Conference

QB Jimmy Garoppolo

Press Conference – January 28, 2022

San Francisco 49ers

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So were you one of the guys who hit up head coach Kyle Shanahan about traveling on Friday? And what’s your routine on road trips now?

“Yeah, it was a group of us who were all interested in that. It’s kind of been our routine on most away trips this season. So I think it just gets guys locked in. I’ve got a pretty good routine as far as studying and things like that. And just when we leave on Friday, it allows you to stay more locked into the gameplan and eliminates distractions.”

Kyle said yesterday that you guys win as a team, which is why you don’t necessarily have some of the numbers that some of the MVP candidates have. And that’s something that in the time we’ve covered you, doesn’t seem to bother you. Is that something that was ingrained as you as a kid or at what point did it become not about you and always about the team?

“I don’t know. I think it’s just about winning, honestly. That’s why you play the game. Statistics and individual things are all cool and everything, but you play to win the game and you to go out there and try to win championships. And maybe our numbers don’t show the MVP stuff, but I think we’ve got a couple players on our team, [WR] Deebo [Samuel], [T] Trent Williams, those guys could be in that conversation very easily. If the award was looked at a little differently.”

When you were watching a film of the Rams against the Bucs what struck you about watching your old teammate, Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady, operate against them and any contact with him this week?

“No, I give him a lot of credit for just the situation he was in, just being down a couple guys. It was a tough situation, but he battled back there at the end, gave them a chance to have a shot at the end there. That’s all you could hope for, but it was a grinder of a game. It definitely was. And it showed.”

Just being around Trent this week as he’s dealing, I’m sure you’re not going to give away his playing status or whatever, even if you know that. But just what was he like this week? What is his mentality kind of dealing with the injury and trying to make sure that he’s available for you guys on Sunday?

“Well, he is doing everything he can. I’ve seen him in here just putting in the hours in the training room, studying and all that stuff. Hopefully, we’ll get to see him out there, but we’ll see. Those high ankles are never a fun thing. I know that from experience, but all the guys, everyone’s dealing with stuff right now. It’s just that time of year. And it’s a good group to have with me in that huddle.”

Is it easier or harder playing a team for the third time? Just knowing exactly what you’re getting, do you see that as a positive thing?

“This will be my first time. I’ve never actually done it. So, it’ll be a little different, but these guys know us, we know them. There’s really no secrets or anything like that. So it’s about, going out there, beating your man and executing. Other than that, it’s just football.”

I realize the NFL injury report doesn’t exactly list every single injury, maybe a player has. You are no longer on the injury report with your shoulder. How does your shoulder feel like compared to last week?

“Feels great. Yeah. Arm is ready to roll.”

When you’re watching film of the Rams and watching what they do, do you take more into account of what has worked better against them or what has failed against them?

“That’s a good question. I think there’s a fine line. The things that you did well in the past, you assume that a team that you’re going against will fix those things and be ready for the next time you face them. But at the same time, yeah like you’re saying, there’s some things that you don’t even want to try again because they didn’t work or maybe it was bad timing of the call, whatever it is. There’s a bunch of variables, but yeah, I know that I kind of just answered both ways there. But yeah, you definitely have to take both into account.”

Earlier in the week, I think K Robbie Gould and TE George Kittle and even coach touched on it a little bit about that feeling of walking off the field in Miami after the Kansas City game, how that’s kind of motivated them. Have you used any of that or do you use motivation from that Super Bowl loss?

“Yeah, since it’s happened, it’s been a motivator for me. Honestly, it’s a feeling that can’t be described. It’s unlike any other loss I’ve ever had. And since that moment it’s motivated me and it always will going forward. But those are the lessons, sports are never going to be perfect. And if you can take those lessons and be better from it, you’ll be better off in the long run.”

I understand you have a torn ligament in your thumb and it needs surgery, but has it improved at all since you hurt it? Or is it the same?

“Yeah, it feels great. I think we’ll approach that after the season a little more, but it’s holding up for right now, but it’ll be alright.”