QB Jimmy Garoppolo


QB Jimmy Garoppolo

Press Conference – August 16, 2019

San Francisco 49ers

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I know there are a lot of milestones that you hit when you come back from an injury, but getting to face another team, was it more meaningful to you today?

“Yeah, I love these crossover practices that we have. It’s a change up to training camp, kind of gets you out of the routine and gives you some different looks. The competition always cranks up. It’s fun out there.”


Do you have to be more cognizant at all? CB Richard Sherman was just talking about how they don’t have any vested interest in you when there’s bodies around you and things like that. Do you have to pay more attention?

“Yeah, I mean, it’s football at the end of the day, so you know what you’re doing out there. You know what the risks are, but yeah, just be conscious, you can’t overthink it though.”


There were a few headlines due to your five interceptions in practice. Obviously, it’s kind of a weird, fluky deal, but what did you take away and after a training camp practice, were you like legitimately ticked off or how do you deal with it?

“Yeah, that day, I mean you guys have seen me a couple days removed, but that day I was pretty ticked off. The defense got the best of me that day. We’ve had battles back and forth, and it’s been good for us, good for them and it’s only going to lead to a better football team.”


Head coach Kyle Shanahan indicted that maybe you were ticked off in the moment, I don’t know, that you were going to make up for it and make up for that pick. Did it snowball like that?

“No. I mean, it was just five bad decisions. The defense got me, like I said. There’s going to be days like that, but you can’t dwell on those things. We’re past that, onto Denver now.”


On the interception you threw today, one of the Broncos pass rushers was rolling right towards your leg. Did you see that? Were you thinking about it?

“I didn’t know that. Was he really? He was rolling?”


He was coming towards you.

“No, I just left it a little short, didn’t get enough air on it. He made a nice play on it.”


Do you need that kind of contact, though? Not obviously you want it, but just to get hit so you kind of get over any mental hurdles?

“I think that’ll just come with time. With the preseason and everything like that, as a quarterback, you’re not trying to get hit obviously, but yeah, that stuff will happen I think naturally.”


How would you describe your relationship with Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Rich Scangarello when he was here and the opportunity he has in Denver?

“Rich is awesome. I mean, since the day I got traded here, he was the first guy to start teaching me the offense. I remember the Bye week that we had together was literally just me and him at the stadium, we’re talking two years ago, but he’s a guy who works hard, does a great job, and he’s a great coach.”


How much different is the confidence level of the 49ers defense going against them in training camp do you think?

“They’ve got some players out there. It makes it hard on us offensively. It’s good for us, though, to go against that every day, because you’ll train yourself against that, get used to it, and everything seems a little easier after that.”


How much do you notice just the energy level that LB Kwon Alexander and LB Fred Warner are bringing?

“It’s awesome. All of those guys, though, even the D-Line, [CB Richard Sherman] Sherm’s always talking out there, and I love that stuff, because it leads to competition when we’re going back and forth. It’s going to make us all better.”


How do you focus and correct the pre-snap penalties that have been happening?

“I think it’s just honing in on the details. Those little things, it’s all mental. There’s really nothing physical that goes along with that. You just have to lock in mentally. I think guys are starting to do that, but we still have too many of them, so we’ve just got the cut those down as quickly as we can.”


I have one more five interception question for you. Do your teammates give you crap about that? Like either right then or now, now that some time has passed?

“Oh yeah, I would do the same thing if I threw five TDs on them. It goes back and forth, and I love that. If they weren’t giving me crap about that, I would be a little concerned.”


Did you get a chance to meet Peyton Manning and talk to him out here?

“No, I didn’t get a chance to today. Hopefully tomorrow.”