QB Jimmy Garoppolo


QB Jimmy Garoppolo

Press Conference – December 24, 2019

San Francisco 49ers

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Head Coach Kyle Shanahan was just talking about how New Orleans could kind of prepare you noise-wise for Seattle. Do you feel like that’s accurate?

“Yeah, definitely. I think it will definitely help us out. I think Baltimore too, just having been in those environments. We know this is going to be a hostile environment on Sunday Night Football, so I can’t wait for it.”


What was tough about Baltimore? Was it the noise there?

“Yeah, I mean, same as New Orleans. Just dealing with the noise, play calls, communication, line of scrimmage, all that stuff, it all comes into play.”


What strikes you about their defense when you watch it on film?

“They’re very locked in to their keys. Their rules, you know, they follow them. They are all tied together, there is not many holes in it so they make you earn everything down the field. Their speed is impressive. Linebackers can fly sideline to sideline and it’s pretty evident on tape.”


Seattle Seahawks DL Jadeveon Clowney obviously was very disruptive last game. Did that change how you could really check out their defense because you didn’t have much time with him bearing down on you?

“You always have to take that into consideration, but it’s not every play he’s going to be back there. You’ve got to know where he’s at, be aware of him, but you can’t let it distract you too much.”


You’ve played in a number of big games so far in the regular season and after coming into the year really not having been a part of those so much as a starting quarterback. Is there anything that you can look back on that you’ve learned that maybe you didn’t expect going in just from those big-game environments?

“I wouldn’t say that I didn’t know this going into it. It’s just going to be a 60-minute game and you have to have your mind ready for that. When you get into these big games, two good football teams, it’s always going to take up until the last whistle. We’ve had multiple experiences this year with that. It’s just being locked into that, I guess.”


What was your reaction when you heard the Seahawks signed RB Marshawn Lynch off the street?

“I was kind of surprised by it. Guy is a hell of a player. He was unreal when he was playing. We’ll see what he’s got.”


On the broadcast they showed your stats on the drives right after you’ve thrown interceptions this year. They’re astronomical. What is it that allows you to maybe bounce back and flush it so quick?

“I wouldn’t say there’s anything in particular. I think it’s just as a quarterback, when you make a mistake like that, you want to obviously show the team that you obviously didn’t want to and that you can make up for it. I think when something bad happens like that, how do you bounce back? That’s the mentality I take.”


Do you have like a process? Is there something that you tell yourself or is it just natural?

“Usually it’s get angry immediately. Then after that, it’s just how quickly can you forget it and move on. There’s a lot of football left to be played. Like I said about a 60-minute game, if you’re dwelling on one interception, you’ll be rough for the rest of the game.”


What do you think it would be like to have retired twice, to be out of football for more than a year, to be called by a coach and come in after maybe working out for two weeks into an NFL game, for you?

“It’s definitely a good sign. The team obviously is interested in you if they’re reaching out to you. Credit to Marshawn. The guy’s had an incredible career and everything. I’ve gotten to see him up close and he’s one of the best to ever do it.”


Talk about TE George Kittle’s temperament going into this game since he didn’t get to face the Seahawks last time and what the stakes are. What do you expect out of George this week?

“I’m sure George, just like everyone, will be juiced up. He always brings it, game day, practice, whatever it is. The energy that he brings is huge for us, so it will be good to have him this time.”


Were you on the sideline for that game in Seattle last year?

“Yeah, I was.”


What do you remember just about the atmosphere?

“It’s hostile. It gets loud. Crowd’s chirping at you and everything on the sideline. That’s what makes football great, especially this time of year. You couldn’t ask for anything more in December.”


The 49ers haven’t won there since 2011. It’s a big deal with the fan base and there’s mystique about it, but most of you guys obviously don’t go back that far. Has that been discussed at all? Is it a thing in the locker room whatsoever?

“I think these division games are always big. Whether you were born into this team or got traded, whatever it is, drafted here. I think the level of intensity of these games is real. If you don’t know that going into it, you’re going to be in a bad spot. The last time we played these guys it was Monday night here and that was a hell of an atmosphere, too. You kind of know what you’re getting into.”


Can you talk a little bit about OL Daniel Brunskill and OL Ben Garland and how they’ve been doing up there for you?

“Those guys, they’ve been battling. They really have. Just the communication that they have between each other, I mean all five of the offensive linemen, but it’s been impressive how physical they are inside. Dan, he loves being physical with these guys. It’s awesome.”


Because this group hasn’t been through these kind of games year after year with the same cast, what is it like for you guys as you approach a game like this, not really knowing how it usually goes?

“We’ve had a couple big games this year, so you kind of get a feel for that. You kind of learn the team throughout the year. I think we all learn each other. Coaches are picking up on guys. When it’s all tied together, it’s a beautiful thing.”


How much does a guy like CB Richard Sherman help, a guy who has been through it? What kind of influence does he have in the locker room in these types of situations?

“A ton. When you can speak from experience like that, it really helps the young guys. We’ve got a young locker room, but there’s a lot of good minds in there.”


You guys have won, the offense has won, in different ways this year, leaning on the running game, leaning on you and the receivers. Does that ability to deliver in lots of different ways help you at this stage, knowing that you can turn to different facets of your offense?

“I think so. It definitely helps, especially once you get into the game. Whether they’re making adjustments, if they have a different game plan coming into it, we can adjust on the fly. We’ve done that in multiple games this year just on the sideline, whether it’s drawing up a new play or ‘hey we really like this play versus this coverage we’re getting.’ I think it’s just the ability of the offense to adapt like that is amazing.”


Has that actually happened where you draw up a new play? Is it Kyle who does it at that point?

“Yeah, I mean, we’ve had just about every situation come up on the sideline. Whether it’s drawing it up, going to the old playbook and bringing things up. The ability to adapt is important.”


Physically, how did you come out of the Rams game? You got hit a lot.

“I was good. Just normal bumps and bruises, but nothing crazy. It’s December football, baby.”