QB Jimmy Garoppolo


QB Jimmy Garoppolo

Press Conference – November 27, 2019

San Francisco 49ers

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When you’re preparing for a defense that blitzes as often as the Ravens do, what’s the key for you as a quarterback in your preparation?

“I think you have to know the game plan inside and out, have an answer for what they’re going to do and kind of feel it out throughout the game as it goes really.”


Is it something where they do a good job of disguising it and you have to make as many decisions after the snap as you do before the snap?

“Yeah, they do a great job at disguising it with the safeties, the linebackers all of it tied together. But yeah, it’s really about playing the play. You can’t really predetermine anything until the ball’s snapped and then read it out however they rotate or blitz or wherever it comes from and just feel it out.”


With all the different elements going forward, you’ve got an east coast time change, weather, it’s probably going to rain and be cold, how do you prepare for that?

“California helped us out today, it’s cold and rainy out there. It’ll definitely help us for Sunday, but you can’t overthink it too much. There are always variables, in home games, away games, whatever it is, every week’s a little different. Just playing our game is the most important thing.”


Do you guys feel any disrespect being 10-1 and being an underdog?

“No, it’s pretty much been like that the whole year. We embrace it.”


What does it say about the development of this group that as each week seems to progress the stage gets bigger and bigger. You’ve been on that stage before in New England, but not here. As this group’s development is progressing, what does it say about this group?

“I think it’s good for the young guys. It’s really good for our whole team, just the opportunities that we’re getting. But, it’s only good if we take advantage of it. I think we have a good mindset in the locker room, guys aren’t looking at the game any differently than we have any other week. It’s just kind of how we go about our business.”


It’s kind of what you play for isn’t it, to play meaningful games in November, December against good teams?

“Absolutely, especially around Thanksgiving time that’s when football really gets going. I’m glad we have the opportunity we have, we just have to go take advantage of it now.”


Do you have a packed house this week?

“No, my brother does. He’s taking that load off my back for me.”


Head coach Kyle Shanahan said earlier in the week that he hopes you guys don’t feel the need to eat everything on Thursday. I felt that to my very core. How do you yourself and the other guys stay focused and stay on track, especially when you have to play after Thanksgiving?

“It’s every year. You get to spend a little time with the family, but at the end of the day you’ve got to know that we have a job to do on Sunday. We have to be ready for that, prepare throughout the week like we normally do, enjoy thanksgiving and everything, but we have to handle our business.”


From what you’ve seen on tape, what makes the Ravens a complete team?

“I think it’s their complementary football. I think they are very productive at all three phases. They get the job done whichever way they’re trying to do it. They win in multiple ways, but it’s impressive how productive they are on a consistent basis.”


How much have you been impressed by P Mitch Wishnowsky this season and what does he bring just within the locker room itself?

“Mitch is awesome, he really is. He’s so different than all the punters I’ve met in the past, just the mentality that he brings to the game. I mean on kickoffs you can tell that he’s itching to get a hit in there and he wants to, but the coaches try to lean him away from that. The energy he brings, he’s an awesome dude in the locker room too, which makes it even better.”


Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh said WR Richie James Jr. is going to play Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson on scout team. Does that seem appropriate?

“We’ll see how he can throw. I know Richie is athletic as can be. I think he’s a leftie, so we’ll see how he can throw it today.”