QB Jimmy Garoppolo


QB Jimmy Garoppolo

Press Conference – October 29, 2019

San Francisco 49ers

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How challenging is the run game for you with all the stuff that’s going on?

“Week-to-week it’s always different. Some weeks are easier than others, but it’s a good challenge. By the end of the week, once Sunday gets here, Thursday in this case, you have it down.”


With last week in particular where, especially not just the first drive but throughout the game, in practices are guys ever crashing into each other? What’s it like?

“Not crashing, we’ve had a couple close calls with all the motions and stuff you’re talking about? Yeah, I mean, it’s all about timing with the snap and all that and getting guys in good positions and the receivers have to be in their little details with all that stuff, but we’ve got good group of guys for that.”


After watching the film, WR Emmanuel Sanders said he didn’t think he made any mistakes. What did you make of his first performance here?

“I thought it was really good. I mean, really didn’t have any issues in the huddle with the play calls and things like that. I’m sure things will come up week-to-week, we add new things every week. It will be difficult, but he did a great job in there.”


How quickly can you develop trust with a receiver, whether it’s him or anybody else when it comes to, you know, being able to know that he’s going to be at a certain spot on a crucial down like third down or something like that?

“I don’t think there’s a set time, specifically. I think it’s more just a feel thing. The more you work together, the more reps you get at it. Just talking and being on the same page, all those things play a role in it.”


You and TE George Kittle are, I think, 15-15 on third down connections this year. What is it that works so well with that combination on third down?

“Trust is a big part of it. It is. Just trusting that he’s going to be in the right spot, him trusting me that I’m going to throw the right ball on time and just, yeah, there’s so many reps and plays that go into that, that overt the course of time it just equals good results.”


Is there an element of picking up where you left off? You missed a chunk of time obviously from last season. How did you kind of get that back so quick?

“I don’t think it was anything specific. I think it was just hard work, putting in the reps in the offseason, training camp, OTAs, whatever it is. I think all those just add up over time.”


Two weeks ago, head coach Kyle Shanahan seemed pretty confident that T Joe Staley was going to be returning for this Thursday night game, but now that’s not looking as great. He’s categorized as doubtful. How disappointing is that to not get such a veteran talent back on that offensive line? But in the same token, how confident are you in the existing group and the two rookies that are in there, kind of battling it out right now?

“Yeah, you know, you always want to get guys back healthy. It’s obviously part of the season. But like you said, the two young guys have stepped up really well. I thought [OL] Justin [Skule] and [OL] Daniel [Brunskill] this week, same as the weeks before, did a great job. You really don’t notice those guys so much, but whenever you get a chance to get guys back healthy, it’s always a good thing for the team.”


Did you prepare to face Arizona Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson when you were making your first start for the Patriots and what part or aspect of it as a quarterback do you want to challenge somebody so highly regarded?

“You have to pick your spots. He’s as talented as they come, savvy, he’s got eyes on the quarterback most of the time. He does all the right things and you’ve just got to pick your spots, I guess. You can’t overdo it, but at the same time, you don’t want to never attack.”


Did you attack him in that first start?

“I think we had a couple, yeah. You’re talking a long time ago now here.”


A couple years ago you were acquired at the trade deadline. What are your memories of that day and how it has changed your career?

“Yeah, it happened fast. Got a call about six-o’clock eastern time and then five a.m. the next morning I was flying out here. It was a whirlwind, but everything has worked out pretty well since then so I’m pretty happy with it.”


Kind of going back to the running game, when Staley, T Mike McGlinchey and FB Kyle Juszczyk all went out, a lot of people expected the run game to kind of suffer. Obviously, that didn’t happen against Carolina, 200 rushing yards, third time this season. Considering how intact that running game has stayed, how encouraging is it that you guys are going to be getting the troops back and reinforcing some of that running game again?

“Yeah, I think it’s part of the coaches and players working together. Coaches putting together a great game plan, kind of keeping the defense guessing and then us going out and executing it. I think the coaches have put us in a great position every week, in the run game especially, to be successful. At the end of the day, it’s just whoever is in there you’ve got to do your job and go execute. I think we’ve done a good job of that.”


A lot of fires in the area, people with power outages, it’s complicated days here in the Bay Area. How would you describe the vibe at the stadium with that fans and all that happening and how do you feed off of that and how does it impact your game?

“Well, I got my power shut off the night of the game, actually. When I came home it was off, so that was a little weird at first. But, the vibe of the stadium was unreal though. The Faithful were rocking, third downs were loud, all those situations. We’ve got smart fans and they help us out out there.”


How did you deal with the power outage and is it out again or is it coming out again?

“No, it went back on again. It was out for a couple hours and then it actually ended up going back on. Not what we expected, it threw the family for a curveball.”


Kittle said, I think it was last week, that he messes with you sometimes on the field, saying that he didn’t get the play call or anything like that. Are there any points where you need to tell him, ‘Hey, knock it off, let’s be serious’ or does that help you sort of keep things light?

“Well, he’s picked his spots correctly. He doesn’t do it when it’s like a huge, crucial point. Yeah, you know George, he is who he is and he’s not going to hide it. You love having a guy out there like that, though, keep it light, keep everyone having fun.”


He’s keeping track of your perfect rating on third downs to him. Is that something that you guys talk about? I’m guessing he keeps it serious during those third down moments since it’s been working so well.

“Yeah, he’s reminded me a couple times of that. I didn’t know about it until he told me about it the other day. It’s just a lot of hard work being put together with all the reps that we’ve done, talking and being on the same page. We talk about routes all the time, whether it’s in the locker room or whatever it is and I think all that stuff adds up.”


Carolina Panthers S Tre Boston said that you guys knew where they were aligned at before the play even happened. They couldn’t stop you guys. Was that your mindset? What are you seeing, how do you break it down, how slow is the game for you now?

“You know, it’s slowing down. I think it’s always a good thing when you are trending in that direction. I thought whether Kyle was getting us into the right play, whether guys were just executing across the board, I mean, things were clicking on Sunday. That’s what you want to do every week, keep the defense guessing.”


A lot of times on the runs you’re obviously carrying out fakes. It seems like a lot of times the fakes get guys wide open if it had been a pass. I assume you can tweak the play so it is a pass, but are there times where you go back, or Kyle, and you get together and say ‘Hey that actually would have worked if we did this?’

“Yeah, I know exactly what you are talking about because you see it on the film and you’re like ‘We could do this, this and this.’ There’s an element to it of the ball is already handed off, maybe the defender saw it and followed the run instead of staying with his guy. So, you have to pick your spots I guess with that stuff.”


On some of the shovels it seems like there’s almost a gasp in the stadium because the defender will get in there and it’s just so perfectly designed that it works out but it seems like it’s always a super tight window. How long does it take you to get comfortable with those types of plays?

“Nothing crazy. I think just doing the reps. We’ve had OTAs, training camp and now a couple weeks into the season and everything. I think it’s just getting on the same page with that one specific, the running backs, just the timing of it. But, I think when you have a good group like we have, it’s easy.”


Former NFL QB Brett Favre was in the building on Sunday, spent a lot of time with George. Did you get a chance to talk with him at all and if so what was that experience like?

“Yeah, pregame I saw him out on the field so I went over and said hi. Awesome guy, still a jokester. He was cracking jokes and stuff. Easy guy to talk to, easy guy to be around. He’s one of the best for a reason.”


In a lot of these games, you are not being discussed. It’s the defense, it’s the running game, it’s both those things. I assume you’re OK with this?

“I’m alright with being undefeated, yeah.”


But I mean, is it weird? There’s so much discussion generally around the quarterback, particularly around you this summer. Is it different and I don’t know, just a weird feeling being a caretaker for lack of a better word?

“I wouldn’t say it’s a weird feeling, it’s a great feeling being in the position that we are in. So, as a quarterback, just try to put guys in a position to be successful, get them the ball, let them make plays in space and let them take care of the rest.”


New season, new team, but how much do you guys bring up or will you even talk about the fact that you haven’t beaten this team in, I think eight straight games?

“I didn’t even know that. Like you said though, new season, new team, can’t really worry about the past or anything but yeah, we’d love to break that streak.”


When you see what your defense has done to opposing quarterbacks lately, are there times when you’re watching the game and you just breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have to face them?

“Well, I got to experience it in training camp and things like that. So, I got my fair share of it. But, as a quarterback when you’re on the sideline and you just see the whole D-Line in the backfield, quarterback having one second to throw the ball, it’s a good feeling. As long as you’re not the one out there.”