QB Jimmy Garoppolo


QB Jimmy Garoppolo

Press Conference – January 16, 2020

San Francisco 49ers

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How was practice today with respect to the weather, the grip, the ball?

“It was good. It went really well out there. I thought the guys were really locked in. We got some good reps in. So, if you can play in the rain, you can play in anything.”


When you talk about the Packers defense, what do you think about when you hear Green Bay Packers LB Za’Darius Smith and Green Bay Packers LB Preston Smith’s names? What do you think about them?

“They’re very talented. It’s really the whole front, not just those two, but they’re a big part of it. They do a lot of different things. They give them an opportunity to rush the passer. Sometimes they’re dropping, and just it makes it tough on us.”


You have guys like DL Arik Armstead out there, he had a great performance earlier in the season, but just to have this defense performing at this level, how easy does that make your job?

“Yeah, it definitely helps, just the style of football we play, the complementary football. It’s just whenever you can have a defense playing like that and getting you the ball back quickly, it always makes it easy.”


Do you ever feel that kind of reception like you did on Saturday here at the stadium?

“With the crowd?”



“Man, I don’t know. That was pretty loud. They were rocking. It was a fun atmosphere to be a part of. Looking forward to Sunday. Should be very similar.”


When you face a team a second time, whether it’s a divisional game or a playoff game, do you find it easier the second time having prepared for them once or harder because they know what you do as well?

“Yeah, whenever you have to do that, it’s always different the second time. It’s a lot of the cat and mouse, we think they’re going to do this, they think we’re going to do that type of thing, and just the back and forth with it. At the end of the day, you’ve got to go out there and play and react to what’s happening on the field.”


You’ve had a lot of experience in previous Championship games with New England as a backup. How is that helping now?

“I think just the preparation standpoint, seeing things from afar in New England and just what it takes to win those type of games I think will help us with this one.”


Do you call head coach Kyle Shanahan “Kyle” or do you call him “coach” to his face?

“Just Kyle.”


I ask that because I hear a lot of guys because it’s not coach this or Mr. Lynch that or anything like that, it’s Kyle and John. Does that speak to just the atmosphere here?

“Yeah, I never really even put much thought into it, but I guess so. Everyone, we’re all on the same playing field. We’re all in this together. Everyone acts the same and you treat everyone the same, I think it’s a good atmosphere.”


How would you describe just the ride of this season with this team? I know you still have more work to do, but taking in a moment for all that you’ve accomplished.

“Yeah, it’s crazy to look back on it. Just watching tape and things like that, you see clips from October or whatever, it seems like a lifetime ago. Yeah, it’s been a whirlwind of a season, especially just personally coming back from the ACL and everything. But, it’s a great group of guys to go to battle with, and I wouldn’t ask for anyone else.”


At what point in the season did you feel like it was going to be a special team?

“I think you always kind of have that feeling before the season. I wouldn’t say there was a real exact point during the season that it clicked, but just the tightness of this group, how the offense, defense and special teams all interact with each other, it makes for a good group to be around.”


Kyle seemed to think that I guess it was the Los Angeles Rams game was where it kind of hit him, like man, we’ve got something special here. Are you buying that?

“First one or second one?”


First one.

“Yeah, that was a big game for us. I mean, we’ve had a lot of big games, but just division opponent at their place and everything and the way everyone played and the way the defense dominated made for a really fun afternoon.”


Seemed like the last couple of seasons you guys were so close and on the wrong side of those two-minute finishes. This year you guys are on the winning side. What changed?

“I wouldn’t say there was anything that drastically changed. I think it just comes down to execution. The coaches are always going to put us in a good position to be successful, and the players, it’s our job to go out there and execute it. Late in games, the last couple years it didn’t really work out, but this year it’s just guys are locked in and taking it seriously.”


How big is the confidence factor?

“I think confidence always plays a role. You can’t overdo it, I guess. You’ve got to be confident, but at the same time you’ve got to put in the work. This is a good football team coming in here, and we know that.”


When did you feel this team could go a long way in this season?

“I never really, I don’t know. I never really put too much thought into it. We’re so wrapped up with the season and everything that you’re just trying to get on to the next game plan, things like that, and get ready for the next opponent.”


What’s it like being in the spotlight right now?

“I don’t know. You know, it’s part of the gig. Comes with the job, I guess.”


You talk about being part of the spotlight and going against a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers. What does that feel like for you? Obviously, they bring up the tweets that you tweeted in 2012, comparing yourself to him. What is it like to be playing for a chance at the Super Bowl against him?

“It’s really cool. It’s a great opportunity, especially Aaron I’ve said it before, but he’s one of the best to ever do it, tremendous competitor, fun to watch, all that stuff. So, we’ve got a good opportunity here Sunday, so it’ll be fun.”


T Mike McGlinchey was just saying that it pisses him off to hear what he thinks the media and everybody are saying, Aaron Rodgers is the greatest, he’s a Hall of Famer, Jimmy is just not in his league. Does it bother you to hear people compare you to Rodgers unfavorably?

“No, you’ve got to listen to who’s saying it and everything like that, and just take it for what it is.


Do you like that it pisses off McGlinchey when he hears that?

“Whenever my O-Linemen are pissed off, it’s always a good thing. For me at least.”


People say this is a big game. How do you think about that?

“Yeah, like I just said, you kind of have to listen to who’s saying the stuff. Not all of it carries a lot of weight, and you’ve got to go out here and treat it like any other game, go do what we do and take care of our business.”