QB C.J. Beathard Press Conference

QB C.J. Beathard

Press Conference – December 30, 2020

San Francisco 49ers

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What’s the process like for you, for the first time since the middle of 2018, starting a game, seeing a full game of yourself on film, how do you start to kind of dissect what you saw and work on ways to improve on maybe things that you could have done better?

“I mean, it’s, it’s just like really any other week. I mean, you go about the weeks the same whether you’re a backup or a starter, other than the fact that you’re getting the practice reps during the week. There’s obviously stuff you watch on tape from the game that I mean, there’s always plays that you wish you had back or you wish you would’ve done something different and a lot of that is just repetition-type stuff. Not a lot of mechanical stuff, all the mechanics stuff is, once the season starts you kind of are what you are a mechanic-wise. A lot of it is mental at that point once the season starts and going through progressions and reads and stuff like that.”

I know this is probably something you’ll think about more when the season’s officially over, but heading into free agency for the first time, whether it’s there or elsewhere, what are some of the things that you’ll be looking for in your next opportunity?

“That’s so far ahead. I haven’t even started thinking about that. You know, I’m really just focused on this game and yeah I’ve got one more this season with these guys, with these teammates and I’m excited to get to practice today and then play the game on Sunday.”

Since it’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow, I’m wondering what you are most looking forward to in the coming New Year. I think everyone’s ready for this year to be over. And then also, are you a New Year’s resolutions guy and if so, what resolutions do you have for this year?

“I’ve never been a real New Year’s resolution guy. I mean, obviously there’s stuff that you always, I feel like I’m always trying to make a commitment to certain things throughout the year. But, I think I’m most looking forward to just getting back home and being with family more than anything. So, I’ve never been, you know, honestly, it’s funny, you said tomorrow’s New Years, I don’t even know tomorrow’s New Years. Once you’re in the groove of things, you kind of forget the days. You just know it’s, today’s a Wednesday practice the next day, it’s Thursday and whatnot, but yeah I’m looking forward to getting back with my family and hanging out with them, for sure.”

Before the game, you spoke about wanting to play more free and letting it rip out there. Do you feel that that’s how it went for you and how do you feel about going into this second game?

“Yeah, I really feel that the way the game played out, the run game was working so well, the defense was playing so well. I mean, I felt like I didn’t have to do much, which was nice. We didn’t throw it a bunch of times, that’s just the way the game played out. I just knew I had to take care of the ball and, and the way the guys were playing, just be smart with the ball, take care of the ball and we’ll put ourselves in a good position to win the game once the game comes down to the end.”

Your hometown was in the news last week with that bombing. Any impact? How did that affect you or your family? Anything along those lines?

“Yeah, I mean, it didn’t affect my family so much in the fact that I live like 30 minutes South of Nashville, but obviously that’s your hometown, home area. It affects the community in big ways. I mean, I know that was big news for the Nashville area. I mean, it would be for anywhere in the world and it was something, you know, a horrendous act that God forbid it happens again anywhere in the world, but it was something tough. Especially when it’s close to home like that. It’s just crazy to think that you think of Nashville as this awesome city, friendly area, safe and all that kind of stuff. And just, you’ve always got to be on guard and anything can happen at any second.”

You say you’re not a resolutions guy, I wonder if you’re a projections guy. And if so, how do you project yourself for 2021? What would be your ideal scenario for the next year?

“I mean, I think once this offseason starts, I wouldn’t mind getting away, going on vacation somewhere. Maybe a beach or something like that, just to get my mind off stuff for a little while. And then spent a lot of family time. I’m a big family person. I like being back home, back in Tennessee being with family, just doing all that kind of stuff. We have some acres back there, me and my brother we go fishing a lot. We do a lot of like woodsy stuff, country stuff, and just kind of looking forward to getting to that and just kind of doing the simple stuff. And getting into the Word more with my family and getting to, you know back with my church. I haven’t been going to church. You know, usually once the season starts, you kind of do the online type stuff. I’m excited to get back to church once the offseason starts.”