QB Brock Purdy Press Conference

QB Brock Purdy

Press Conference – December 8, 2022

San Francisco 49ers

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 How has this week been for you so far?

“It’s been solid. It’s been new, taking all the first-team reps and just the meetings and everything’s centered around how I think, the plays I like. And then getting the timing down with the receivers and running backs, so it’s been a little different, but it’s been really good.”

A lot of your teammates have talked about that confidence and poise that you’ve had since taking over. Where does that come from?

“I think just naturally playing the position of quarterback you have to do your part in terms of getting everyone on the same page and moving in the right direction. I feel like since I’ve been a kid playing sports and being a competitor that has a little bit to do with it as well, but I think just playing the position it naturally comes from that. I haven’t really done anything too much extra or out of the ordinary. I just try to do my part and get everyone rolling.”

You mentioned the other day that it’d be pretty cool that your first start will be against Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady. Has that sunk into you yet? Any additional thoughts?

“I think it’s awesome in terms of Tom Brady coming and playing and playing his team, but at the same time, I’m playing the defense. I’m going to be going up against those guys rather than Tom himself, but definitely still awesome to have Tom Brady come and play on the same field and compete against our team. I think it’s awesome, so really excited about it.”

You’ve gotten a lot of support from beyond just this locker room this week. What’s that been like? A lot of text messages, a lot of calls. Are you appreciating some of it, but blocking it out? How’s the balance? How do you deal with it?

“It’s just a little bit of both. After the game and the day after, just taking some time to reflect and being appreciative of everyone in my life who’s played a part in my life and has given themselves or their time and love and support towards me and my family. I’m very appreciative of that and so being able to reflect on those moments and people, I did that the day after the game and whatnot, but from that moment on, I’ve had to sort of shift my thoughts and time and effort into getting ready for this game. If I haven’t responded to you, just know I’m a little busy, but I appreciate everyone’s love and support.”

There’s a lot of similarities between the way you entered that game against the Dolphins and Oklahoma State in 2018? I suppose in the moment you’re not thinking of Oklahoma State in 2018, but do you see some parallels and similarities being thrust in that situation and how you were able to handle it?

“Yeah. Obviously, the level and the competition’s a little different, but in terms of the mentality of going out and doing whatever it takes to win for your team, I feel like that mentality was really similar and also just trying to get my teammates’ respect. I just wanted to go out there and play and show them that I’m worthy of playing here and I’m able to get the job done kind of mentality. I had that mentality when I was a freshman in college when I first stepped in against Oklahoma State and really nothing has changed, just the level of competition and play was better with the Dolphins. That was my mentality and I’m really glad we were able to win and I was able to do what it took to win.”

Some people have recalled that touchdown run down the left sideline where you’re high-stepping into the end zone as maybe the moment where we knew we had something. Was that kind of a moment where you’re like, I can make some plays and do this at this level?

“Yeah, I feel like in college when I made that play, just seeing the excitement of my teammates and just the mojo and momentum that we had created from that, that definitely made me realize we can get something going here. The situation was a little different at the time, we were 1-3 in college. Now I’m on a really good team who has a great record and on a win streak. On Sunday, I was just trying to go in and show that even though [QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo] went down I can come in and do what coach is asking of me and we can still put up points on the board and win, so that’s just really how I looked at it.”

How much interaction have you had with Jimmy this week?

“I’ve seen him here and there, before meetings he’s been there, so we’ve talked a little bit. And then obviously, I think it was Tuesday, he was in the training room, so I just walked in there and we talked for a little bit and just picked his brain on what it’s going to take. And he’s awesome, man. Just telling me, do this and do that as the quarterback here. I just told him that I love him and I appreciate everything that he’s done for me. He’s definitely been around, guys have seen him, and every time you see him, you smile. He’s a great guy and the energy that he brings is awesome, so it’s great having him around.”

You just kind of alluded to the idea that you’re stepping into winning and not a lot of third-string quarterbacks get that opportunity, particularly as a rookie. What has that been like in terms of you this week trying to understand like, hey, this is a real opportunity here to go out and win, not just prove yourself?

“Yeah, I think, there’s a lot of different emotions and thoughts that can cross your mind, but for me, this week it’s been just keep it simple. How can I do what coach is asking of me? How can I get the ball to the playmakers? How can we move the ball down the field and also how can I be myself and be the footballer that I am? So that’s really just been my mindset. It hasn’t been that this is it or the only opportunity, but yes, it’s a great opportunity and I’m just taking it one day at a time, one snap at a time and we’ll see what happens from there.”

What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve gotten and who has it come from?

“I don’t know. There’s been a lot of good things that people have said, both coaches and players. I think the biggest thing is seeing like the older guys, the veterans of the team, just come up to me and tell me like, Hey, like we got you. And even the guys on defense, they’re like, do your thing on offense, we’re going to hold it down and do our part. And then the older guys on offense, like [RB] Christian [McCaffrey] and [TE] George [Kittle] and [WR] Deebo [Samuel], [WR Brandon Aiyuk] B.A., [T] Trent [Williams], all those guys, they’re like, man, we got you. We’re not just going to throw you out there and leave you out there by yourself. They all got my back and I think that’s just been the coolest part about it, so knowing that I’m not alone in this whole thing.”

After practice you go out on the field and you’re go through the whole script. Is it just by yourself with a camera guy?

“Well, I also had, Klay Kubiak, the assistant quarterback coach out there, some of the other quarterbacks and ball guys, but yeah, just going out there and running through the whole practice script, after. Yeah, so I would just run all the plays that Jimmy ran at practice, but on air. So not throwing to receivers or anybody, just mentally going through it.”

Your preparation technique has been pretty solid since high school?

“Yes, I would say so, yeah.”

Do you know the stat that no quarterback has ever beat Tom Brady in their first career NFL start, what do you think when you hear that? Is there any extra edge?

“I don’t like to overthink things or anything like that. Like I said, I’m just trying to keep it simple, play football, go against a great defense and try to get the ball to playmakers, so I’m not overthinking anything else.”

You had a conference call with us and I think all the questions had to do with you being the last pick and Mr. Irrelevant. You were very polite, but I did get a sense at some point you were like enough of this, I’m actually going to be an okay NFL player. Have you always had kind of a love hate relationship with Mr. Irrelevant, and is it true that perhaps during that conference call you’d had enough?

“Definitely, I think there’s always been an edge to myself. People, they make a joke out of it and whatnot and it’s all fun and games in terms of taking the trip and meeting great people and that kind of thing, but for myself, I’ve always believed that I don’t care what slot, what round, what pick that I get picked or if I was undrafted, my whole thing was, man, I just want to go out and, and prove to myself that I can play at this level. And so that’s always been my mentality. Even though I was the last pick, that’s just where I happened to fall in the draft. I’ve embraced the role in terms of having fun with it when I got here with the guys and going on the trip and everything, but at the end of the day, for me, it’s like, man, I got an opportunity to come and play for the 49ers and compete, make the team and do what it takes to push these guys in the locker room and win at all costs. That’s really where I’ve been with it. I don’t hate the term or anything like that. The people that we went and met are great. We still talk to them, what they do for different organizations and raising money, it’s for a great cause. I’m very thankful for how it all worked out.”