QB Brock Purdy Press Conference

QB Brock Purdy

Press Conference – September 28, 2023

San Francisco 49ers

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Do you have to do extra rehab with the arm and stuff?

“I would say no. It’s just, like I said before, just like some pre-practice throwing stuff and post throwing stuff. All things that I’ve done in the past as a quarterback.”


Last week the Giants blitzed you about 85% of the time and you threw for 300 yards. This week, you get a team that doesn’t on paper blitz as much. How would you describe the differences and the different challenges?

“Last week it was almost like every single play we had to have an answer for some kind of blitz or all out. This week it’s a little different. They do show some pressures in certain scenarios. But for us, man, it’s like, ‘All right, here’s what they do defensively and we’ve got to attack that.’ It is different than all the pressures and whatnot from last week, but still it’s going to be a solid defense. What they do, they do it well. They’re consistent in what they do and they’re very well coached, so it’s a new challenge. But still, there’s some things that are similar in terms of like we’ve just got to be ready for some things just in case.”


How much similarities do you see from what you studied for Philly versus what you’re seeing now with Arizona?

“Obviously the same play caller and scheme, but obviously the personnel is different, so just the way they call plays can be a little bit different than Philly. But, there are some similar things for sure within the scheme that we had game planned for last year in the playoffs and whatnot, but at the same time, man, it’s like they’ve got different players and just their style is a little bit different compared to Philly.”


Did you own any Cardinals gear growing up?

“I didn’t. I was a Dolphins fan and then I won the High School Player of the Year by the Cardinals. So, I got a Cardinals Purdy jersey, actually, the one that I took a picture with [Pittsburgh Steelers CB] Patrick Peterson in, so that was it.”


Why the Dolphins?

“My dad’s from Florida, born and raised a Dolphin fan. It was like a generational thing. So then we were.”


You got a chance to FaceTime with former Miami Dolphins QB Dan Marino. How exciting is that?

“Yeah, it was sweet. It was special. [TNF NFL analyst Ryan] Fitzpatrick pulled out the iPad, FaceTimed Dan Marino. I was like, ‘What?’ But basically I told him like, ‘Hey, I wear 13 because of you and my dad obviously loved watching you play.’ So it was a special moment for sure. He’s a legend.”


I know it’s all about wins, you just want to win the game, but are there any specific stats or general stats that you and head coach Kyle Shanahan and quarterback coach Brian Griese maybe look at yards per pass, yard per play? Anything that you guys kind of focus on that this is a kind of the barometer what we want to do?

“As a team really it’s all about the ball. So obviously the turnover battle’s huge for us. We’ve got a good defense, we’ve got a great offense, and it’s like how can we eliminate the errors and be smart with the ball, even if that means punting and letting our defense do their thing. I feel like all the games that we’ve played in so far, like it’s come down to turnovers. How can we create momentum and not waste time by giving the other team the ball freely and allowing them to have good field position or momentum and put up points. I feel like the NFL games can go either way based off of giving the ball up or not. So that’s something that we pride ourselves on here a lot, is just trying to win the turnover battle every single game. All the other stuff, the yards per pass or rush, like all that stuff, we just try to game plan and get first sounds and score and all that stuff just sort of comes along with it.”


Could you say maybe some of the passes that kind of look like they’re offline are kind of caused by you mostly avoiding the interception, you seeing the defensive back, so I’m not throwing it that way, even if it’s not exactly online where the receiver is?

“Yeah, I feel like there’s some of that obviously like being smart with the ball if it’s not the look that we’re looking for, don’t force it, those kinds of things. In the middle of a play if it looks good at first, but you could tell like the defender’s playing it well, same thing, it’s like, ‘All right, how can I adjust and move on?’ There’s obviously times where I try to give my guys a shot and it might be a little dicey, but they do a good job with making a play on it, breaking it up or going up and getting it. So that’s just where we’re at and got to continue to play smart.”


Including playoff games, you’ve thrown 190-straight passes without an interception. I don’t know if you knew the specifics of that, but probably knew it had been a while. Given what you’ve just been saying, is that a particular point of pride for you?

“Yeah, I want to help my team win at the end of the day and that comes down to the decisions that I make. I get the ball every single play whether I’m handing it off or throwing it, but anytime I’m dropping back and I have to make a decision with the ball in my hands, of course I pride myself on not harming our team. And so, that just comes down to trying to be selfless, making the right decisions, being prepared for situations and scenarios and obviously giving our guys on offense a shot to catch the ball and obviously run to put up points. And then being smart for our defense, not putting them in a bad situation with anything like that, making the wrong decision. So yeah, for me I’m definitely, it’s on my mind every single play, every snap, being smart with the ball. I want to win.”

Do you think your ability to throw with anticipation has been key to avoiding those interceptions? You’ve done a lot of plays where you might be a little bit behind the receiver, but the ball’s out so early. Does it matter?

“Yeah, I feel like that’s huge. Anticipation in this game and our scheme, being on time with guys, throwing before their breaks, before a DB can catch up. Coach always says the man travels faster than the ball here. So it’s like the NFL man, everyone’s got great speed and elite athleticism, so I got to, obviously anticipate certain throws and everything like that. So I mean we’re in the NFL, everyone’s really good. So anticipation I feel like is huge.”


How valuable was Brian Griese to you after that first series? I think you were three of eight on that series. Seems like things were a little bit off. Is that where he really sort of is valuable to you in those instances?

“Yeah, he does a good job just with feeling out how we’re doing, how we’re seeing the game, how the environment is, what the other team is doing. He just sort of brings us back to reality of, ‘Hey, this is what’s going on, this is what I’m seeing. If this is what you’re thinking, let’s get back to this.’ So he did a good job last game. First drive, there was some good and some bad. I was a little off trying to get into a rhythm. So he did a good job of just like sort of bringing me back into, ‘Hey, this is our game plan, trust it, and we’ve got to be seeing certain things.’ And so he does a great job of bringing us sort of back down to earth and allowing us to play where we need to play. So he does a good job with that.”


You had a couple of fumbled center exchanges the last couple games. What’s going on there and how do you get that kind of corrected?

“Yeah, I mean, it’s as simple as [C] Jake [Brendel] and I not being on the same page, not communicating well in the huddle with when we’re snapping the ball. That’s just all it has been those two plays that we’ve had in the last two games. But, that’s something that I need to do a better job with communicating and making sure we’re on the same page. Both of those times we just weren’t. So that’s all it is.”


WR Deebo Samuel and WR Jauan Jennings are both battling injuries. I know it’s next man up, but  those are two guys you count on so much, how does that change things?

“Yeah, obviously those guys bring so much juice and fire to our team. We have guys behind them that are ready to stand up and are ready for their opportunity. So, for me it’s like obviously those are great ball players and I love them, but also trusting the guys that are next up. And so, we have a great scheme. Everyone does their job and if we have a couple guys down, the next guys that come up fill the void and do a great job as well. So for me, it’s not anything to panic about or whatnot. Obviously, I want my guys to be healthy and out there. I love playing with them, but we’ll be ready to go with whoever’s out there.”


RB Christian McCaffrey has scored in 12 straight games, so I’m kind of curious, when you’re on the field with him, do you sense that hunger to get in the end zone? Is there any relief after each touchdown he scores?

“Yeah, I mean obviously the way Christian prepares and what he does at practice, you just see the drive and the hunger that he has and love for this game. So, I mean, when we go out onto the field for the games, we know we’re going to get his best. And so, as a quarterback, it feels good to know Christian’s going to give the O-Line, myself, this team, everything he’s got every single run. If you watch the film, there’s stuff where it could be like a two, three yard gain, but Christian keeps his motor going and he’ll get an eight yard gain and nine yard, 10 yards. So, he’s a huge difference maker. We can always rely on Christian to bring some juice and energy and we feed off it.”


How does that filter down throughout the entire offense?

“Yeah, it’s huge. When you see a guy on film bringing it, whether he is catching the ball, running the ball, he’s doing everything and not going down after the first hit, for us on the offense, it’s like, okay, if Christian’s willing to do it like a playmaker who’s not just all about the stats and he’s doing the dirty work, for us to be able to see that we’re like okay, we want to get behind this guy and feed off it and do what he’s doing. So, he sort of sets the standard and we all love following him and playing alongside Christian. He’s special.”


Whether it’s during the week or even during the course of the game, are you at the point now where you can tell Kyle ‘Hey, this is going to work, this is what I think, I think we should do this because this will work,’ or are you still, like, ‘alright you know this offense better than anybody else, I’m listening?’

“He’s been in it so long, I feel like I’m still learning. He’ll obviously tell us what he’s thinking and it’s his gameplan and stuff and it works. He is very successful and I love it. I love playing in the system. So for me it’s like, all right, I’m absorbing as much as I can with every game, every rep. But, he asks me, he is always open like, ‘Hey, what do you feel good about this or do you not? If not, we won’t run it.’ And so, he does a good job with asking the quarterbacks and myself what we like and what we don’t like. So, I appreciate that. But more than anything, he’s really good at what he does. So obviously, I love listening and learning from him.”


Do you learn more of the why from Kyle? 

“So much. Since I’ve been here, just football IQ in general, obviously the x’s and o’s in his system’s great, but just situational football, how he thinks. What to do in certain situations and scenarios, I never really would’ve thought of until I got here. I’m like, wow, certain two-minute drive situations or to start the game off, every little thing matters and it’s all calculated. So, I definitely learned from him and will continue to learn from him.”


I was talking to QB Brandon Allen before, he claims he’s the best golfer on the team and I asked if he was going to drag you out there. And he said, I’d take his money, but he doesn’t play golf. How does a quarterback from Arizona not play golf? 

“Well, my dad grew up in Florida, so he is a big fisherman, so I’d be out on the golf courses, but I was always fishing the ponds on the golf courses. So, that’s my excuse. But yeah, after my arm will heal up after this whole year and stuff, I wasn’t able to golf this offseason, but I’ll get good enough to take his money.”


Is your dad still a Miami Dolphins fan?

“Nah, he’s a 49ers fan. He is wherever I’m at. Wherever I’m at now is where he is at.”