QB Brock Purdy Press Conference

QB Brock Purdy

Press Conference – September 14, 2023

San Francisco 49ers

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One play from last week, the second-and-eight play in the second quarter, you’re up right around midfield and you saw [Pittsburgh Steelers S] Minkah [Fitzpatrick] coming off the edge. I don’t know if you surprised him, but you kind of spun away from it and you found WR Deebo Samuel. What was your recollection on that play? Did you fool him with your eyes because he did not react until the very last second you spun out?

“Yeah, I was just trying to go through the progression of the play, see the defense and then he came off the edge pretty hot. So, it was sort of like a last minute thing. I was just trying to get out and make a play. I feel like the momentum he had coming at me and stuff for me to just spin out of it, it was tough for him to make that kind of play. Then obviously Deebo hit him on the scramble drill, so it was a good play.”


On the fourth-and-one early, I know maybe that’s not your role to campaign to go for it. Was there any conversation, Kyle deciding to go for it or was it right away? And then what was your thought process when you knew you were going for it?

“Oh yeah, it was right away. He immediately started saying the personnel for the next play. And I was all for it. And then I think all of us were. We wanted to obviously maintain the momentum, get the first-down and try to score after our defense just got a three-and-out to start the game. So, once we had heard that we’re going to go for it, we were all about it.”


Does it seem weird that as long as you’ve been the quarterback, now that you haven’t faced the Rams?

“Yeah, in a sense. Yeah, just the game planning. Last year, the two games that we game planned for them and then not playing in either of them. Then here’s my third time doing it, so it feels like I have played against them, but I haven’t. So yeah, I’m excited to.”


What’s this week been like as far as just preparing to face them for the first time? “Yeah, obviously you’ve got [Los Angeles Rams DL] Aaron Donald. You’ve got the scheme that they’ve been doing for a while on defense and so really we’ve taken things that we’ve done in the past and what not. Building off those kinds of things. And really for me it’s just going to be about going out there, seeing the defense, making sure we’re in the right play formation, all that kind of stuff. Keep it simple. Just play ball, play our ball. Yeah, that’s about it.”


Third-and-11, you scrambled for 17 up by 23 with like 7:50 to go. Were all the coaches okay with that? Were you okay with that now when you think back on it? Or is there some point where you think, ‘I don’t know, maybe not at this time of the game?’

“Yeah, they were all for it. We moved the chains and at that point, man, we’re still trying to put up points on the board and stuff and keep a drive going. So, everyone was pumped up that we were able to get a first-down on third-and-11 and hopefully score after that. So, it wasn’t something like, ‘Don’t scramble, check it down.’ It’s not like that. We want to win and we’re going to do what it takes and hopefully when I’m in the right situation, I’ll do what it takes. And so yeah, there’s nothing more than that.”


Head Coach Kyle Shanahan said yesterday that running ability in college doesn’t always translate to the NFL, it’s hard to predict sometimes. How have you sort of experienced that? Has it been easier to gain these yards than you might’ve expected to? How have you kind of seen that transition?

“I feel like in the right circumstance or situation you can pick up some yards in the NFL. I think in college if something broke down, I feel like we saw more busted coverages and what not. So, it’s like, ‘Man, I can pick up a bunch of yards here with my legs.’ Here obviously, everyone is extremely fast, doesn’t matter if they’re the nose tackle or three tackle, like they’re going to be fast, they’re going to be explosive. So for me, I’m not always thinking run, run, run. It’s how can I dish it off to my playmakers for them to go get the yards? But in the right situation, if I see some green grass, ‘Okay, let’s go.’ I feel like as I’ve played more and more, I’ve gotten a little bit better of a feel of it. I feel like at first, I was a little tentative to scramble and what not. But as I’ve played, it’s like, ‘All right, the defense gives me 10 yards. Let’s take it.’”


Do you remember what you were thinking last year when you guys went to SoFi and RB Christian McCaffrey had his first full week with the team and he threw a touchdown, caught one and ran for one. Do you remember just kind of what you thought of that added an element that was coming to the team?

“So, I remember the first week with Kansas City. It’s like, man, I was excited like, ‘How are we going to use Christian McCaffrey in our offense? What are we going to do?’ So, we had certain plays that he was able to come in halfway through the week and play. But then once he had a full week under his belt, going into the Rams week, and then obviously his versatility to be able to use him like on the sideline for myself. I was like, ‘This is going to be fun to watch.’ I don’t think anyone’s really going to expect what we’re about to do with him. And so we were all pumped about it. And then when he actually performed and did what he did, we’re like, ‘Man, this is going to be fun having him in our offense now with everyone else.’ So, it was exciting.”


Deebo and Christian both talked about the selflessness on this team, there’s a bit of star power you could say in the locker room. Do you think that’s unusual, that everyone’s just focused on the team and not on themselves?

“Yeah, it’s rare. I think you have all this, stardom on a team and what not, and for everyone to just put the ego aside and be like, ‘Hey, we want to win. We want to win a Super Bowl and we’re going to do what it takes.’ And I think what we all know is what it takes is to put the ego aside. If I don’t get all these yards and catches and touchdowns for one game, but our other guy does, like, ‘Hey, I did my part to help win.’ And that’s what we all care about here. And really the leaders, the guys that have been here for a while have set that standard. It’s not like just certain guy, like we’ve all learned from the older guys that have come before us. So the culture, the organization here, that’s the standard.”


Does the more success you have, the more you sort of force people to reexamine, what makes a quarterback successful in the NFL and what traits are most important?

“Man, that’s a loaded question in a sense. I think it comes down to obviously decision making, being able to make decisions quick, the right decision. And then obviously just being smart with the ball. I feel like if you can just do those things and do what the play caller is asking of you and not doing too much, then I think you can help put the team in a successful position. And so that’s something that I’ve just tried to remind myself of and not trying to do too much, not trying to be a superhero and do everything but make the right decision every single play and do it consistently. And so, I don’t necessarily know if that’s something that people now are asking themselves if they’re going to go draft a quarterback in late rounds and what not. But that’s sort of how I do it and I guess it works.”


How hard is it for you to throw away a ball? Kyle went over and talked to you about maybe how to make that decision if that’s not there. Is it hard for you to say, ‘Let’s just check it out of the mountains here?’

“Yeah, I feel like growing up, playing football, all that stuff, it’s always been like, ‘Man, I can always have a chance in a play even if it’s not there.’ And so sometimes to be able to just surrender for a play, yeah, it’s sort of tough. Like, ‘Man, I got to throw the ball away and lose second-down to play third-down now. So sometimes there’s certain situations where it’s like, ‘Man, I feel like I could do more, but that’s what we preach and that’s what they believe and I’m all for it. Like it’s about playing smart with the ball and if we have to punt and give it back to our defense, I’m all for it. We got a great defense. So, it’s picking and choosing your battles with that.”


Is that even harder just given the talent level of guys around you, knowing that if I can just give this ball to this guy in space something big could happen here?
“Yeah, I mean, we all know that like if I can get the ball to Christian, Deebo, [WR Brandon Aiyuk] B.A., [TE] George [Kittle] on a two-yard pass and then they can make something crazy happen. So, I feel like it’s definitely always in the back of my mind, but at the same time, it’s like we’re all human. They can get tackled or something crazy can happen if I do try to force it, so just throw it away. So yeah, it’s something I’m continuing to learn.”

At the end of 17-yard scramble, you go down on one knee, you gave a little first down signal, you had a big smile. Were you feeling it at that time? And did your teammates enjoy that move?

“Yeah, I think in the moment it’s like, man, I’m going through my progressions. I’m trying to hit my guys first and then I just felt like I saw green grass and then to be able to split two defenders and get a first down at that point in the game, I’m just trying to bring some juice and energy to the guys, and I feel like they like seeing stuff like that. And it was real, you know, in the moment I was like, I’m going do this because I see my receivers doing it. So, had a little fun with it and you know, just trying to enjoy football.”


What was the reaction in the film room when you guys watched WR Ray-Ray McCloud III and Aiyuk on the Christian touchdown? What were guys saying? Because I mean, that was an extraordinary effort.

“Yeah, yeah, it was awesome. I mean, the first time we watched it just everybody’s, you know the sounds that they make, like B.A.’s block first everyone going crazy about that. And then Ray-Ray coming, running around the corner, you could see Ray-Ray starting to run and then everyone’s like hyping him up and when he made his block, everyone was going crazy. So yeah, that kind of stuff, man. That’s what we’re talking about, like not having ego, being selfless, being able to make blocks like that even though those are guys that catch balls, score touchdowns, all that kind of stuff. But being willing to block in the run game down the field we all feed off it and so we got to maintain it and continue that.”


Successful college quarterbacks so often are fast-tracked to the pros, you weren’t, and now all that experience is looked at as a tremendous asset, but when you came out of college, did NFL teams look at it as an asset or were they wondering like, why weren’t you able to leave college earlier?

“Yeah, I think a little bit of both. Some guys look at it like, man, you got a lot of experience, you got a lot of reps, different scenarios, all that kind of stuff which is great and that’s what they like. But at the same time, yeah, there was some doubt like, alright, if you are that good, why’d you stay four years? You started your freshman year, how were you not ready after your third year? There’s definitely some questions and stuff that they ask, and they push. But again, that’s not up to me. That’s something that they do ask and that I think that they look at. But, for me, I was able to get four good years in at Iowa State, and all those reps and stuff I feel like added up and helped me, for me to be ready when my opportunity was to come.”


QB Sam Darnold was talking about how much he enjoys the challenge this week of being Los Angeles Rams QB Matthew Stafford and sort of simulating him for the defense and how important he thinks that is. I’m curious about your reflection on how big that role was for you last year when you were the number two guy simulating the other team and how seriously did you take it?

“Oh yeah, it was huge. I feel like, obviously, you guys see all the videos, like the no-look passes and looking off linebackers and stuff. Honestly, when you’re like trying to replicate what an NFL starting quarterback does, and you try to do that at practice, you sort of pick up on some stuff and then you sort of learn things and honestly add stuff to your toolbox, I feel like. So that was one thing. And then obviously being able to, selflessly, sort of put your stuff aside and try to emulate the other team for [LB] Fred [Warner], [LB] Dre [Greenlaw], that’s what it was really about is giving those guys a real, legit look. And, so whenever last year when I was on the sideline seeing our defense kill it, I’m like, shoot, maybe I had a little part of helping them do that, have a great week and whatnot. So, it was huge for me and honestly, it made me better too.”


Who did you do best? Who was your best? 

“Shoot. I mean last year, nah, I don’t want to compare myself to [Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick] Mahomes, but yeah, I don’t know.”