QB Brock Purdy Press Conference

QB Brock Purdy

Press Conference – August 4, 2023

San Francisco 49ers

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How’s everything been feeling so far getting back? You had a lot of reps today. “Yeah, today was good. Good high day, a lot of good reps. Just the full speed, the pass rush, the linebackers going a different direction, and just everything, going through reads and stuff. It’s been really good for me to just get my eyes on moving parts and going through progressions and stuff, so it’s been good.”


How’s the endurance on your arm feel?

“Yeah, it feels good. Second day in a row of throwing and everything, just like I’ve been doing really the past month. Arm feels good, feels like I can continue to keep going. Like we said before, we have a plan of, ‘hey, we’re throwing, two days on, one day off.’ So just sticking to that and going from there. But, arm feels really good.”


Does head coach Kyle Shanahan keep you off balance a little bit with some of the ways he calls plays in practice like you may not know what’s coming at a time?

“Yeah, I feel like they do a good job of challenging me with just play calls and everything like that. He doesn’t do anything like extremely out of the ordinary. It’s just the flow of the game, how he calls plays, so when he’s calling plays off script for me it’s a good challenge at practice and so it’s stuff that I have to continue to work on and chip away at. But, it’s early in camp and these are things that we’ve got to continue to just work on.”


Kyle had said that maybe a couple weeks into camp you would be able to have no restrictions, you could go three days in a row. Is that still kind of the plan or the hope? Could that happen as soon as next week?

“We’ll see. We’ve got to finish out this week first and then sort of talk about some things and go from there. But as of now we’re just doing the two days on, one day off and going from there and throwing and see how I feel. I feel great. So, we’ve just got to just see where we’re at the end of this week.”


For you mentally, are there any sort of big hurdles or boxes like taking the first hit, things like that, that you’re looking forward to just kind of getting out of the way at this point?

“I don’t know. For me I feel like normal when I’m out there, so I feel like I just got to get into a rhythm and play and go through progressions and just play quarterback. And it’s not really, ‘hey, I have to get tackled here just so I feel good about my arm.’ There’s nothing like that, that goes through my mind. So, I just play football, I go through my reads, and I feel normal. So, it’s not like I’m out there timid or scared about a certain hit or anything like that. So honestly, I feel good.”


DL Clelin Ferrell caught you on the arm the other day and Kyle admitted that he had a lump in his throat just for a second. To you, it was nothing?

“Yeah, I feel like as a coach, a teammate watching, yeah, they might be scared about that, especially how things ended last year with my arm. But, honestly for myself, it’s just football. I wasn’t even thinking about it. He hit the ball out of my hand and I was going through to finish the throw and the ball ended up being on the ground. It’s football, you know? And so, was I mad at Clelin or anything like that? I told him, ‘Dude, it’s football. I get it. We’re in a competing environment. Things happen.’ But for myself, was I scared about it? Was I timid after that? No.”


Not timid so much, but ‘Alright, I got through that.’ Not even that?

“Honestly, I wasn’t even thinking that. Yeah, I was more concerned with the read and hitting the open guy and all that kind of thing. And then he hit it and I was like, ‘Oh, shoot, he got through.’ I wasn’t even like, ‘Oh shoot, he hit my arm.’ Nothing like that. So that’s just the honest truth.”


How do you approach training camp? Do you look at it clinically or do you go at the end of the day, ‘Oh, today was a good day or a bad day?’ Do you label it like that as far as just how you performed and what you saw and how you were able to deliver the football?

“Yeah, I just look at it as a process. The first day you come in, you’re not going to be all pro and be killing it right off the get go. It’s like a process of the formations, the operation, getting on track with guys, the receivers being on time and in rhythm. And so, then from there you progress. And so, where we’re at in camp right now, for me it’s like, yeah, if you have a good day, great, but I have to continue to try to stress myself and get to another level. If it’s a bad day and you wish you would’ve been better, okay, good. But again, you’ve got to continue to try to get to the next level the next day. And so, it’s a long process. So, that’s how I look at it, that way it keeps me levelheaded. I’m not too high and I’m not too low with some things. I just understand I have to keep growing and keep climbing.”


How were your throws the last two days?

“Last two days, I’d say were pretty good. There’s some things that obviously I have to learn from and get better and some things that I can continue to build off of and have confidence in. So, for myself I feel like I could be better in some areas, just playing faster with the game and stuff, get into a better rhythm and sort of just get in and out of the huddle better in the operation. I guess for me the last couple days I feel like can be better.”


What have you seen from QB Brandon Allen?

“Yeah, I think Brandon’s doing a great job going through reads and you could just see the veteran in him. I feel like he’s been in situations a lot throughout his career and you could tell when he is out there, like he knows where to go with the ball and he’s very smart and he’s confident. Brandon, he goes out there and lets it rip, so he’s doing a great job.”


Was your reaction when you heard about the Iowa State athlete sports betting scandal?

“Yeah, that’s sort of sad to hear. I played with a lot of those guys and stuff. Feel for them. And at the end of the day, they’re going to end up doing what they have to do and as a program as a whole, hopefully, they’ll move forward and be just fine. [Iowa State head] Coach [Matt] Campbell does a great job with leading those guys through adversity and they got a great culture there, so they’ll be just fine.”


Coach was asked about your progression, and he just happened to say Brock’s the real deal. Just wondering what that means to you in terms of a vote of confidence? I don’t know how much you pay attention to when he has press conferences, but he rarely uses words like that in statements like that.

“Yeah, I appreciate that. But for myself, I know what I have to do. I have to get better in areas and keep chipping away and keep growing as an offense and keep pushing this offense to get to the level that we want to be. We all expect a lot of great things and high things out of ourselves this year, and so that’s where I’m at. I’m trying to just continue to get on pace and on track with the receivers and skill guys and timing and go from there. But yeah, the bar and the ceiling here is high and we all expect that out of ourselves. We expect to be great. And yeah that’s how I look at it.”