QB Brock Purdy Press Conference

QB Brock Purdy

Press Conference – December 22, 2023

San Francisco 49ers

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What’s the biggest challenge about just getting ready to face this Ravens defense?

“Ah, man. Obviously, I think it starts with the front, their front is really good, their secondary is really good. They play really tight coverage. You don’t see a lot of whole separation on film from other teams and stuff. And so, they play really sound altogether and they’re physical. Their linebackers fly around. And like we’ve been saying all week, they sort of remind us of our linebackers, in terms of the intensity, how they fly around and all that. So yeah, going to be a great challenge for us.”

With them, does the picture change maybe more dramatically than other teams you’ve faced pre-snap to post snap?

“I mean, we have our plan and stuff and so going into it we’re just going to continue to play our style of ball. Obviously, there’s some things that you have to be ready for and take into account every play with their players and what we’re trying to get done. So yeah, I don’t know if it’s going to be a drastic change or anything, but we’re going to play our way of ball and we have to understand what we’re getting into with their defense.”

When preparing for Baltimore Ravens LB Patrick Queen and Baltimore Ravens LB Roquan Smith, how much of an advantage has it been that you’ve been going up against LB Fred Warner and LB Dre Greenlaw all season?

“Obviously dating back to camp and stuff, we’ve got some really good reps against them, and you know how they play, their drops, how aggressive they are in the run game, all of it. And so, I think for us, we understand how linebackers that fly around and play and that are smart, what it looks like going against our guys and stuff. But at the same time, they’re a little bit different in how they do play. There are some similarities, but we’ve got to just go in and play football and we’ll find out on Monday night.”

You played playoff games here in the past, so are you expecting kind of that same atmosphere and did those help you of a game of this magnitude where it’s going to be such national spotlight on you?

“Yeah. Yeah, we played some playoff games and stuff last year that was good for all of us and our experiences and stuff in terms of some home games that are some big games. But at the same time, I feel like we’ve played in some pretty big games already this year, and it’s the NFL, I feel like people around the country are always tuned in. At the same time, it is Monday night, it’s on Christmas, so those are all little things that get added to the table, but I think more than anything, we’re excited for it.”

If you had to make the case for RB Christian McCaffrey to win the MVP award, what would you say on his behalf?

“Sort of like what I said before, he does it all. I think he’s the reason why our pass game and our play-action pass and all that kind of stuff opened up because he sort of sets the standard with the run game and then when we do pass the ball, he’s there in our play. He catches the ball, he makes guys miss, he can go up against safeties and linebackers and make them miss and stuff in the pass game. And then he scores touchdowns. His stats are crazy. So, he’s definitely a valued player and I think the most valued player.”

During the telecast, they said that that former QB Drew Brees was your guy growing up. We always thought it was HOF QB Dan Marino who was your guy. What was your background with Brees? Was he somebody that you watched and wanted to be like?

“Yeah, my dad was a Dolphins fan, so for him growing up, he was like, ‘man, Dan Marino’s got a quick release and all that stuff.’ And so growing up, I tried to throw quick like Dan. But then as I got older, obviously I wasn’t old enough to watch Dan play, so Drew Brees was a guy that I knew I was going to be similar height with. And I just respected how he was quick with his feet. He was very smart. He anticipated throws and he won games with his mind. And he was a fierce competitor, all the guys around him loved to go to war with him. And so yeah, I guess if he got mixed up in that, my dad tried to teach me to throw like Dan Marino, and then I ended up loved watching Drew Brees.”

Have you been able to talk to Brees at all, bump into him anywhere?

“At a Super Bowl event last year. Just real quick. It was more about my arm and rehab. He went through a UCL deal back in his career, but that was about it.”

Have you talked to WR Willie Snead IV about him at all?

“Yeah, Willie’s told me a lot about him and stuff, and obviously Willie says that he thinks we’re similar obviously in terms of our height and all that, but like I said, the anticipation, the footwork, the mindset going into games, the competitiveness, to hear that come from a player that played with Drew means a lot.”

We’ve seen your team take off since the Bye. Maybe some adjustments, whatever. What did you get from the Bye? Did you feel like anything adjusted and where your level has been since the Bye?

“I mean, sort of just a mental reset. It was a grind for me, getting surgery and then rehabbing my butt off and trying to get back for game one. And then you get back for game one and then it’s just a grind for nine weeks straight of all ball, at the same time trying to get my arm strengthened within all of that handling the highs and the lows. And so, to have that Bye Week in the middle of the season, being able to sort of reset was, I think huge for all of us, but especially for myself. And then come back sort of reminded of, alright, you’ve got to be hungry, you’ve got to play, this is the NFL. Anything can happen any week and you have to give your all every day. And so sort of being able to reset to that kind of mindset was huge for me.”

This is one of those big games that as discussed, and the Cowboys and Eagles and the Jaguars right, since you were coming off a three-game losing streak, were big, kind of what are the Niners made of games and you blew out all those teams. Is that, I guess a reflection of this team being able to rise us to the moment or how do you explain kind of destroying really good teams?

“Man, I think it comes down to, I feel like just our preparation. We have such an experienced team, guys that have been through a lot here, been to NFC Championships and Super Bowls, and a squad that has been together years on years. This is my second year, but you’ve got [LB] Fred Warner, [DL] Arik Armstead, you’ve got guys that have been here and have experienced it and understand what big games look like and what it takes. And so, that’s a testament to that. The organization, the coaches, everybody’s like ready for those kinds of moments and games. So, I think we sort of sink back to that, that’s our, like, that’s all we know in terms of being ready for those moments and what it’s going to take. So, it’s my second year, but I’ve learned from those guys and how they do it and handle it. Do we say it’s a big game, we’re going to put up this, we don’t know. We know it’s going to be a dogfight and we have to be ready and willing to do whatever it takes for four quarters. That’s how we look at it.”


Did you get a new set of clubs?

“I did get a new set of clubs. I needed some. Yeah, shout out [RB] Christian [McCaffrey].”

Does it help his MVP case that maybe it took a little heat off you for taking it off, you’re not quite at the resource level that he is in terms of gift giving yet?

“Yeah, yeah. Financially I wouldn’t be able to cover that right now (laughter), but he no shout out to him. Everyone loved it, so, yeah. Thank you, Christian.”

What do you admire about how Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson plays the position?

“Yeah, man, he’s a competitor. At the end of the day, man, he’s a winner. He’s gone into that place and just has given them life since he’s stepped foot there his rookie year. Obviously, his playmaking ability, being able to throw the ball and then just at the end of the day win, you’ve got to respect him and what he’s done. I was a big fan of his the last couple years when I was in high school and college watching him. So yeah, it’s going to be tough for us, but I’m excited for it.”

With Monday being Christmas, when do you tell family and friends that you know, or when do you turn the page and switch gears to start focusing on the game?

“Yeah, I don’t know. For us, it’s Christmas time and stuff for our family and friends, which is great. But at the same time, man, we all here understand we have to do our job and play and we have to do what it takes in terms of our preparation, our studying. Nothing can change our routine. We’ve been in games like this before, we’ve had to play on Thanksgiving, so those are all things that our family and friends understand and we’ve got to do what it takes to win. But, at the same time being able to celebrate Christmas and stuff too is huge.”

Did you make a Christmas card this year?

“I don’t think so. Well, we have them planned, but I don’t know if we’re going to dish them out yet, so.”