QB Brock Purdy Press Conference

QB Brock Purdy

Press Conference – January 4, 2024

San Francisco 49ers

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How does it feel to be getting your first Pro Bowl recognition?

“Yeah, what an honor. I’m very thankful, obviously to everyone who voted and all the support across the country. It’s so cool actually. For all my teammates too, for them to be recognized, it’s sweet. We’ve got a special team, special unit of guys and to be listed up there with them, what an honor. So yeah, very thankful for it.”


You got the most fan votes out of all players.

“Yeah, I heard about that. It’s crazy. I don’t know really what to say to that. It’s cool. Sort of just this last year, how crazy it’s been and then just sort of see that and the support from everybody watching. Just all of it. The whole story. In the last year it’s been a blessing.”


How is the postseason different than the regular season? Or is it?

“I just feel like you get everybody’s best ball. Everybody’s in tune to what they need to do at a high level. Every drive, every play, really matters. Obviously that should be the case for the regular season, but postseason last year I feel like I felt that. I feel like even our first game against the Seahawks, it’s like we’re getting their best shot. It’s a close game. All the way up in the first half and then the Dallas game, it’s close. Every possession matters. Not turning the ball over, like all the little things matter. So, I just feel like the intensity is just cranked up a little bit more. Regular season that should be the case, but sometimes, things happen and you can lose a couple games and still make it to where you need to be. But postseason, there’s very little room for error.”


Obviously you’re going to do whatever the coach says and go along with the program. Is there a small part of you that’s thinking there’s a football game going on this Sunday and I’m not playing at it?

“Yeah, a little bit. Just the initial conversation that we had, for me I was like this is all I know is to prepare for the next game and get ready. Especially when we went out to practice and I saw my teammates doing that, and everyone dressed up, ready to go and preparing for the Rams. I’m practicing, but obviously not getting the go for the game. So a little weird in that sense, but it’s part of it. Obviously we’re doing what’s best for the team and the organization so always got to remember that and have that in mind. Yeah, just the competitor in me, obviously I want to play and compete all the time. But that’s the case and the situation that we’re in.”


How plugged in will you be on Sunday? Will you have the headphone on communicating with QB Sam Darnold? What are you planning to do?

“Just be in tuned with the play calls and everything. This week I’ve still gone about my process and stuff with the install with the plays and everything. I’m going to do my part to help out Sam and what I’m seeing on the sideline, just like what he’s done all year for me. Yeah, I’ll have the headset on and listening to all the plays and stuff and still going through my process in terms of if I was out there what would I be doing and how I’m seeing the game and stuff and try to help out Sam as best as I can. So that’s what I’ll be doing.”


What are some of the things that you’ve learned from Sam this year, whether it’s during a game, meeting or in practices that stand out?

“A lot. Obviously, he has been a guy who has been here in this league for, I think it’s his sixth year now. Just the process, the routine, how to study, what he’s seeing with concepts and how he’s ran things before. He’s been able to pour into me and help me out with that. In meetings, sort of just remind me of little things within plays. Especially before we get up, before the game starts, the night before, we go through all the plays, he, [QB] Brandon [Allen] and I. He just does a great job with just the little things within the plays of, ‘hey, reminder on this play, this is where we’re going with this or that.’ He brings up these little things that are huge for me as a quarterback. Obviously on the sideline and stuff, he’s bringing up just good things, tendencies that he’s seen on film that they could possibly do during the game and to not forget about. So, he’s done a tremendous job. He’s a very selfless guy. He puts the team first. He’s for the room, not just about himself or anything like that. The dude is for the room and for this organization, so very thankful to have him.”


In between drives, do you have a set routine? I see you talking sometimes to Sam, sometimes to quarterbacks coach Brian Griese. Is that kind of just something that you try to do in between each drive to check in and recalibrate?

“A hundred percent, yeah. Usually it’s to start off it’s Griese with what he’s seeing and what we’re trying to do. Then obviously the quarterbacks we’re all sitting next to each other and after Griese is sort of done talking, Sam and Brandon will chime in with what they’re seeing just with everything and sort of the mindset and stuff. They’re real about what’s going on, what the situation is and where I should be. Again, they remind me of things what with what I can do because they’ve played the position. They’ve been in those moments. So it’s been sweet having them with me and continue to go with them.”


In the four losses, you’ve thrown nine picks. How do you lock yourself into that mindset of being aggressive but also being smart with the football?

“It’s just doing what I’m coached. Our system is really good. We’ve got really good players. For me, I don’t have to be Superman and go out there and say I need to get it done right here and throw in this tight window. I have to go throughout my process and what I’m coached. We’ll be successful. That’s been the case. The times where I haven’t, I’ve been too aggressive with things and stuff, we’ve gotten in trouble, turn the ball over. Then obviously those games we’ve come down to losing some of them. So, that’s something that I have to obviously always have in my mind, but at the same time, when I see something and I’m confident about it, I’m going to let it rip. So I think that’s sort of the fine line of it. But playing within the system and how I’m coached is always good enough here.”


Is there any concern about not playing a meaningful snap for three weeks? If so, how do you kind of try to stay as much in rhythm as possible?

“That’s something that I brought up to Kyle and then he brought up some really good points just in terms of like the preseason not getting a whole lot of reps and snaps and then going into Pittsburgh and playing well enough to win. Same with the Bye Week, coming back and having a good performance against Jacksonville. I think I’ve done it this year, in terms of having some rest and then coming in and playing. And so, that’s something that feels good to go back and remind myself about. Not only that, I’m going to be practicing against really good defense, obviously our guys, for the next couple weeks too. It’s not like I’m going to be sitting on the couch for the next couple weeks doing absolutely nothing. We’re going to be out here still getting good reps against our defense, working on the little things I need to work with my footwork and my reads at practice. Whoever we end up playing in our first round, we’ll be ready for it.”


Reading between the lines there, did you just at least mildly lobby to play a little?

“It was just part of our conversation, just being real with all the situations and scenarios with this week and playing and stuff. That’s something that we brought up and made the decision after that.”