QB Brock Purdy Press Conference

QB Brock Purdy

Press Conference – January 17, 2024

San Francisco 49ers

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Does it feel like just yesterday you were in a playoff game in the Divisional Round, but yet also a long time ago at the same time?

“Yeah, it’s been a pretty quick year. It feels like we were just in the playoffs and we were just in Philly and all that. So, it’s gone fast.”


Have you ever met Green Bay Packers QB Jordan Love? How familiar are you with his game?

“I haven’t met him. I know guys that have. Everyone respects him. I respect him obviously for what he has done and just the situation that he has been in. Playing behind [New York Jets QB] Aaron [Rodgers] for a number of years and then coming in and sort of proving to himself and everybody who he is. So definitely respect his story and his game and everything and how he’s handled himself.”


Do you feel different this year just having had playoff experience last year and then now having that under your belt going into your second time around?

“Yeah I feel like it’s a little different. Just last year, still trying to find my way in a sense. I got thrown in towards the end of the year and so every single week I was still trying to play good and learn who I was as a quarterback and obviously get more familiar with playing within the system. Those were all things that were sort of on my plate last year. Then obviously trying to win every single week and get this team to the end. So now I guess this year just being more familiar with the offense, who I am and all that, it’s a little different. But it’s good to sort of watch the games from last year and sort of remember just the feeling and the emotions of playing in a playoff game. It’s good. It’s huge for me as a quarterback to go back to those moments and sort of remember what it feels like. So, those are things that I’m sort of banking on.”


What did it feel like?

“I feel like the first game was a little bit tense, just in terms of every play mattered, not trying to turn the ball over. But at the same time, making plays still and winning and doing what it takes to win. Those were things I sort of had to learn. Watching the film, it’s sort of you get back into that feeling of last year and the first time in a playoff game. So it’s sort of good to remember those kinds of things moving forward, sort of understanding what to expect for the first playoff game this year for me.”


At what point in the game on Sunday did you kind of feel like we are going to be playing the Packers and start to wrap our head around that?

“You never know. At the end, the Cowboys were making a push and so you never really know. But, after they got up and then the third quarter they were up pretty big, I was like, ‘okay, I think this is going to probably be the team.’ But like I said, you never know. The Cowboys started to come back and then it was like, alright. So you’re just watching and then obviously the minute the clock hits zero, it’s like, ‘alright, let’s go. It’s going to be the Packers.’ It was a great game to watch and they came out ready to play against the Cowboys. They played really well. So yeah, I guess third quarter I started thinking we were going to play the Packers.”


Have you watched tape of when the 49ers played in Lambeau a couple years ago in the playoffs. Do you remember maybe watching it live when you were at school?

“Yeah, all I remember in that game in college was the end, the block punt and all that kind of stuff. It was crazy. And it just being really cold. But, we’ve watched a couple plays and stuff from that game and sort of just seeing the environment, playoff football in Lambeau with the snow and all that. What a crazy game. So just the history of these two organizations in playoff games and stuff, it’s pretty cool to say that I get to play in that game now. So I’m excited for it.”


Head coach Kyle Shanahan said that he worked you pretty hard during the Bye week. What was the process? What kinds of things did you guys work on? Did you feel like it was a productive use of your time?

“Yeah, it was a great off-week. Obviously it wasn’t like you’re going to have a bunch of days off to just go do whatever you want. We came in every day, got good work in, still obviously getting after it with the playbook and little fundamentals for myself that I need to get better at, that have popped up on film and stuff throughout the year. So we just wanted to keep hammering away at those things. Then just getting into that competitive nature with our defense. Obviously [LB] Fred [Warner] across on the other side of the ball and competing. So, we definitely got some good work in. Kyle and [quarterbacks coach Brian] Griese and all those guys pushed us on offense throughout the week. I thought it was a really productive week.”


No discount to your scout team, but how much more do you get out of going up against the ones?

“Yeah, it’s huge. Obviously, they fly around. They’re really disciplined with their drops and stuff. You’ve got the crazy defensive line that we have and their push in the pocket. So you put all those things together, it’s really good work that you can get out of it. Then obviously just the competitive nature and you feel your blood starts to pump a little bit when you’re going against [LB] Dre [Greenlaw] and Fred and [DL Nick] Bosa off the edge and the secondary that we have. It’s always fun.”


You said after the Ravens game that you let some of the hype around Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson and you let it affect you? How does it affect your preparation? Did it affect just the way you played in the game and does that experience help you going into this big primetime game?

“Yeah, just it being a primetime game, Christmas Day and all that kind of stuff. Then we sort of had two really good plays in the beginning of the game and the stadium’s feeling it. Everybody’s feeling good. Then boom, you make a mistake. It’s something for me it’s huge to be able to get in that kind of moment and remember those kinds of things for as tough as they were and how bad I felt after. Man does that kind of stuff help you if you allow it to. To go back and watch it on film and be real with yourself about those moments and what it takes to play quarterback at this level and be successful and play consistently and make the right decisions consistently. Those are all things that I took account from that game that I think I got better at. Honestly, we’re going to find out, the playoffs coming up and in this game. I thought I took some stuff away from it, but at the end of the day, we’re going to find out on Saturday.”


You have scored touchdowns at a way higher percentage on your first possession than any other possession in the game. Kyle says he doesn’t care one way or the other. He thinks they’re all important. Do you feel any different on the first possession? How do you account for the fact that you guys have been so good on scoring touchdowns the first time you get the ball?

“There’s a lot of things that go into that, but I think at the end of the day it’s football. It’s a physical sport. So we’re all juiced up and ready to go for the first drive. Just our mindset with getting on a team pretty quickly and doing the little things right from the jump, that’s a big emphasis that we have here. So that’s something I think we’ve done well. Then obviously our scheme and stuff, the plays that we know we’re going to call for the first drive. Those are all things that you can prepare for and it helps you out as a player. I think all those things added up together. That’s why you’ve seen us, I think, have success early on. Honestly, every drive matters, just like Kyle said. Is that something that we’ve got to go into the game and say we have to? Every game’s different. Obviously we won’t score every time we touch the ball.”


What did you take away from your sit down with former QB Steve Young and did you consider that informative or useful in any way?

“Yeah, I thought it was awesome. Obviously asking me some questions and stuff about my process, how I think and all that. But he had some really good just ideas and things that he said and good perspectives on just the game in general. You can tell obviously he was successful just by the way he thinks and how he views life and stuff. I think all of that put into one, that’s the reason why he is the way he is. To be able to sit down with him was very honored. I thought it was pretty cool that he was asking some really good questions, not just the generic stuff. Then after getting to be able to talk to him and just talk about ball and everything. The fact that he has my back and supports me and what I’m doing is pretty cool too. So, it was sweet.”


How much taller are you than Steve?

“Am I taller? I don’t even know that.”


I think you are.

“Yeah, maybe an inch. I hope so. I don’t know.”


What are your thoughts on your younger brother coming to the Bay Area, assuming he’s still coming to San Jose State?

“Obviously there was a lot of the whole coaching turnover thing that just happened with the head coach going to Arizona. I don’t know. He’s feeling it out still. He’s got some decisions to make. I’m really excited for him and happy for him either way. But yeah, if he can be in the Bay, that’d be pretty sweet to have my brother here.”


Green Bay’s defense had a couple interceptions against Dallas. They didn’t really have too many in the regular season. Did they show anything differently in how they played Dallas or maybe played more aggressively? What did you see in that department? 

“Yeah, I think there were just some really good plays made by the DBs. Green Bay Packers CB] Jaire Alexander, his ball instincts on his one interception. Then number 26 [Green Bay Packers S Darnell] Savage [Jr.] coming down and making a good read on [Dallas Cowboys QB] Dak [Prescott] and jumping a slant. I don’t want to say anything on their behalf, but it looks like it’s playoff football. They’re aggressive in what they’re doing and when they see an opportunity they’re willing to be aggressive and take it. Those are all things that I think we have to take into account. For myself, obviously with the ball in my hands every play. They’re guys that can make plays. I have to understand that. So it’s going to be a really good challenge.”


After sitting out Week 18, how excited or how much are you itching to just actually get back out there and to game action? 

“Yeah it was weird, seeing the whole team and all my guys, dressed out, warming up for the game and stuff, and I was like, ‘man, I wish, I was able to do it with them and stuff.’ I’m glad honestly that we were able to get through that and I was able to practice with them this week and I’m playing this week. So I’m really excited about that. But, definitely was an itch for sure. But at the same time, being able to see the other guys get opportunities to go in and play was huge and watch them play. It was sweet. But, definitely ready for this one.”


Quarterbacks coach Brian Griese said you guys have had animated conversations on the sideline. Not screaming at each other or anything like that. It gets intense and tight and trying to figure out what the next step is or you how to adjust. What are those like and do they get heated? 

“At the end of the day we want to win and we’re competitors at heart. He played this position he played it well and so he gets it. We’re obviously very hard on ourselves at the quarterback position and we have a standard that we have here. Whenever I’m not playing at a level that I should be, he’s the first to tell me, which I love. As a quarterback, I want a coach who’s real and holds a standard and doesn’t allow any room for error and doesn’t have any slack on us. If that were the case, I don’t think I’d be playing good football. I wouldn’t be able to play at my full potential. He helps me get to that and centers me back on the mindset that we need to have. Honestly, he lights a fire in me throughout the game too and reminds me of the competitive nature that we need to have. Even though we’re quarterbacks and stuff, we’re the guys that can bring the juice to the offense. He’s done that a lot throughout the year and I respect that a lot from him. Anytime there’s some animation on the sideline between us, I think it’s a good thing too.”


Last week, did you and RB Christian McCaffrey lean on each other? It seemed like you both had that mentality of wanting to play, but you knew that you couldn’t. Did you guys lean on each other during that?

“Yeah, we had talked about it throughout the week and stuff. Obviously we understand what the end goal is and the big picture of things. So for him obviously getting his body healthy and right and then obviously keeping me healthy, going into playoffs as well was huge. Those are things we both understood and we both hammered away at the little things throughout the week. Obviously, he came back looking great at practice and stuff. But, that’s a professional right there. You understand what we’re trying to do. Obviously, we understood we had the first seed locked up and to go out and play for our team was awesome every opportunity we get. But at the same time, we both understand that we have to be healthy going into playoffs. So having his advice and help throughout that time was huge too. But, we’re both excited to obviously get through that and be healthy for this game. So we’re excited for the opportunity.”