OL Spencer Burford Press Conference

OL Spencer Burford

Press Conference – April 30, 2022

San Francisco 49ers

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I noticed that you’ve played guard, tackle – what do you think the 49ers have in mind for you as far as your rookie fit?

“I’m going to play wherever they need me. I’m not going to come in and suggest one spot over another. I have a lot of versatility and can play inside or outside, so that’s why I feel comfortable. So, wherever they need me, that’s where I’m going to play.”

Are you familiar with T Trent Williams and his ability at left tackle?

“Most definitely. Trent Williams is a freak of nature. I’m just glad I got the selection, so I can come in and learn as much as possible from that dude. I like to watch his game and study his style of play, so actually, getting this opportunity and a chance to meet with him, play with the dude, that’s a blessing.”

Can you describe your style of play, both your strengths and your weaknesses?

“I’ll start with my weaknesses. Sometimes my aggressive nature sacrifices my technique. So, I just need to play more under control, and with my passes, I need to take that one extra kick at the end of the set. I had too much weight on the inside of my foot, so just making sure that my shoulders are balanced, so that way I can still have a good anchor. There’s always room for improvement with hand placement. Just playing under control and refining the technique and the little things within the game. Some of my strengths, I’m going to run off the ball, for sure. You don’t ever have to worry about me lacking on a play. I play hard all the time. I treat the game as a sacred field that you play on. The game means a lot to me, so I’m not going to disrespect it. The other thing that I do really well is coming off and striking on the second level. I’m good with combo blocks, especially in the zone concept. I’m good on the back side of zone, front side of zone, especially with the outside scheme that they run. I just feel like it was a perfect fit.”

You mentioned the zone concept, how much of that did you guys run at UTSA and are you familiar with how the 49ers run their offensive line?

“Yes, I am familiar. They run it with a fullback replacing the tight end. I like the concept that they run, and the outside zone concept was something we played at UTSA. Just getting the opportunity to expand on that and learn more about it in the next level of play is a blessing.”

When you were talking to NFL teams, did a majority view you at a certain position? Did they view you as a guard or a tackle?

“It depended on what system they were in. Some teams had me at guard, some had me at tackle, some teams had me at both. So, it just depended on what the fit was with their system and what they saw fit for me.”

How familiar are you with Head Coach Kyle Shanahan’s offense and how mobile he asks offensive lineman to be?

“He is a legend with the offense that he runs. Like I said, I feel like it is a perfect fit. You can just look at the lineup of guys he already has on the offensive line roster. They go in there and they refine offensive linemen to be the best that they can possibly be. I’m just happy.”

What kind of interaction did you have with them in the run up? Did you have a visit or a Zoom?

“Yes, sir. They came to my campus, then I ended up bumping into them again at the Senior Bowl. Then I talked to one of their scouts at the combine. Then I had a top 30 visit, I had a Zoom call with the offensive line coach. It was good.”