OL Jarrett Kingston Press Conference

OL Jarrett Kingston

Press Conference – April 27, 2024

San Francisco 49ers

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How much contact did you have with the 49ers throughout this process?

“At the Hula Bowl I talked to one of the scouting people for about 30 minutes. And then throughout the process leading up to the combine, I know that my offensive line coach in Florida training was in contact with the 49ers a little bit, here and there. But after the combine, not much up until I just got the phone call.”


Are you in Anderson right now?

“Yes, sir I am.”


Who called you up?

“I talked to like three different people. I didn’t recognize the voice of who called me at first. I forgot the name. I was kind of overblown with emotions. I know I talked to [head] coach Shanahan and I talked to the [President of Football Operations and General Manager John Lynch] GM.”


One of your draft analyses says that you might be able to play center. Do you have any background at center? Is that something that you talked about with NFL teams?

Yeah. I know that I don’t have the length to play tackle and I know I don’t have athleticism to play any position. I don’t have any like actual game reps playing center. I don’t have any actual snaps, but I’ve practiced in spring ball and my whole career pretty much. So, I’m really comfortable playing center also.”


Who was your team growing up?

“My whole family is from LA, so I actually grew up a Rams fan. And I became a Packers fan because I was a [former Green Bay Packers LB] Clay Matthews fan, which is funny because I’m from like Northern California. But no, I never was a 49ers fan, which is weird.”


What is your interest in Clay Matthews?

“Since my whole family was from LA, I grew up a USC fan. My grandma is a huge USC supporter and my whole family grew up USC fans. So, I just kind of followed him throughout college and then followed him into the NFL, so I became a Packer fan too.”


What were your expectations coming in?

“I knew that I could get drafted. I guess just that, very simple, I just wanted to be drafted.”


Were you trying to do a favor for your grandmother by transferring to USC?

“Yeah, that kind of went into that decision. I was choosing between Ohio State and USC. Growing up a USC fan and still having family in LA made me lean more towards USC because they’re both great programs.”


How did that move help you in your game?

“I just learned a lot more. I think that being at Washington State, we were kind of more one sided. We were more of a pass-pro offense and I think that going to USC and having a true 50/50 run-pass offense helped me to learn a lot more about the run game. And I just got stronger and more athletic.”


Can you expand on that, just in terms of how you got stronger and I guess quantify how strong you are right now?

“Yeah, so I kind of go back. So when I came into college, I was like 250 pounds, like a tight end, defensive end build. So I, gained a lot of weight and I got decently strong up until the 2022 season. But I feel like this last year I really took it a whole other level with, I think our strength coach really had a, [USC strength and conditioning coach] Bennie Wylie had a big influence in that. I just really took it another level I feel like. I did 36 reps at 225 at the Combine. I think it was the second highest this year for anyone. So I feel like I’m decently strong [laughs] in that regard.”


Do you have any thoughts about playing in a zone blocking scheme like the 49ers have?

“Yeah, I love the outside zone ball. I love running off the ball and using my athleticism and getting to the perimeter and even getting out in space. So yeah, I didn’t really do much in my early career, but just last year we did a lot more outside zone. I got a lot more technique driven about it.”


You said you don’t have a lot of athleticism, but your short shuttle and your 40 seem to kind of stand out a little bit. Getting to the second level how readily are you able to do that?

“Yeah. I don’t know if you misheard me, but I feel like that I am athletic. I think whatever like the ratings were, but I feel like I’m really athletic. I think my background playing all these different positions, like defensive and tight end really helped me be athletic. And even though I’m like 310 pounds, I feel like I’m still athletic for being this heavy.”


I see your hat, are you a rodeo guy too?

“No, I just grew up being outdoors. Not really, I just like the hat.”


Following up, you said you were really weak, right?

“[Laughs] I do think that one thing that I probably need to focus on is like more flexibility type things. So that’s something I have been last couple years worked on because early in my career I just worked focused on gaining as much weight and getting as strong as I could, which sometimes when you just work out all the time doesn’t help your ligaments lengthen and so you get a little more stiff. So that’s something I’m going to try to work on going forward, also.”