OL Dominick Puni Press Conference

OL Dominick Puni

Press Conference – April 26, 2024

San Francisco 49ers

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What are your ambitions coming into professional football and the NFL? How has the path taken you to get here?

“I’m going to start with the path. The path has been crazy. I started at Central Missouri, Division II. Not a lot of people know about it. Just kind of a shout out to small school guys all over. But transferring to Kansas really helped, it just allowed people to be able to see me on a higher stage, power five. And then taking it to the NFL, I just think my ambition is that I want to help the team in any way. I want to be able to play. My thing is versatility. Center, guard, tackle, wherever they can put me. Wherever I can play, where I can help the team. I mean, that’s really my ambition. I think the Niners have a really fun offensive play in. So, I’m really excited.”


You obviously have played a lot of different spots on the offensive line. What have you heard about how the 49ers intend to use you here?

“Yeah, so I actually took a visit to the 49ers about two weeks ago. It was my last visit. They saw me more as an interior. So, guard, center, being able to help out inside. Tackle, if needed in a pinch.”


Do you have a preference? Playing guard, playing tackle, playing center? And then how much center did you do? Did you do that in practice with the Jayhawks?

“Yeah, so I had a whole spring ball at center in 2022. So, every practice I played in spring ball. That really helped me at the Senior Bowl to play center too. I feel really comfortable snapping the ball. I did it against the best competition in college. So, I’m very comfortable with it.”