Head Coach Kyle Shanahan Press Conference

Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

Press Conference – August 21, 2022

San Francisco 49ers

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Opening Comments:

“Alright guys, injuries from the game. [WR] Austin Mack had a hamstring, he’ll be out a few weeks. [OL] Sam Schlueter had some knee tendinitis, he’s day-to-day. We expect to get back in practice this week; [CB Emmanuel Moseley] E-man, [DL Arik] Armstead, [TE] Charlie Woerner, [OL] Jaylon Moore, [LB] Curtis Robinson, and [CB] Dontae Johnson and possibly [CB] Ambry [Thomas]. Go ahead guys.”

What did you find most useful about the game last night after watching the film compared to the two practice sessions that you guys had?

“Just giving guys more opportunities. Throwing them out there where things aren’t scripted, they don’t know what plays are coming and to just see how they do staying out there in the heat of battle for a little bit longer. It’s always good to put guys in the game atmosphere, because there’s always a little bit more pressure with all eyes on him and the film for the whole league and everything. And you like to see how guys handle that.”

As far as the backup quarterback position or competition, we’ve seen QB Nate Sudfeld and he’s accurate, he’s got a high completion percentage in the practices. Do you want him to be pushing the ball down the field more? What are you looking from him to do better than he’s done?

“I think Nate’s done a good job, so I don’t think that’s been the case at all. I think Nate’s done a good job and same as all other players. You want him to make the right play that you call, depending on the coverage that they see and based off of how the pass rush is, based off of people beating man coverage and based off getting the ball to the right spot with the timing of the play. So I thought Nate has had a good camp, just like all the other quarterbacks no one’s perfect, but trying to do it on every play.”

How did OL Spencer Burford and OL Aaron Banks look yesterday, especially for Spencer Week One to the Week Two, did you see him make a jump in pass protection?

“I wouldn’t say just in one certain area, I think a couple times they do better and then a couple times they don’t. Anytime you throw these guys out there that haven’t played before. There’s a lot to go through and you try to limit the ups and downs that they go through during the game. They didn’t get to play the whole game, they only got the first half, but both of them made some mistakes and then it was nice to see them both come back and rebound there in the second quarter. And do some good things.”

What do you see from OL Jason Poe? It seems like the undrafted rookie is having a really strong offseason.

“He’s done a good job, every time he gets out there and has his opportunities he makes some good plays. The plays that stick out to me is how physical he is on the edge when he is pulling and things like that. I think that sticks out to the normal fan, but he’s a competitive guy who goes hard every single play. He’s been doing that since he’s gotten here. And he’s given himself a chance to be in this discussion here at the end.”

Can you talk about what you saw from your rookie running backs, whether RB Ty Davis-Price breaking tackles or how well RB Jordan Mason was able to find the hole?

“Yeah, I thought they all had a couple of good runs where they did break some tackles and create. I thought they also had some holes that they missed where it’s not blocked great, but we have to get at least a yard on a couple of those. They all got running skills, so they do good jobs when they get the ball a number of times, but just trying to make them all be complete all-around backs to where they know their assignments and protections, know all the right techniques and the handoffs, know the way to line up in the formations, not having to ask the quarterbacks and stuff like that. And those are things we’re constantly trying to work on with all those young backs.”

Did you see anything more from RB Trey Sermon that you wanted to see last night?

“No. It’s about what I thought. I was glad that he was able to start the game and help us out through that. And it didn’t last that long, but he took advantage of the plays that he had.”

And what are you seeing from DB Deommodore Lenoir? He’s been out there a little bit more since Ambry has been out.

“Yeah, we gave him a lot more reps at the nickelback position, so he was able to stay out there and I thought he did a good job on that. Made a couple physical tackles had a good play on third down that inside wide and go-route that they threw. I thought he had one of his better preseason performances.”

Why didn’t OL Colton McKivitz suit up?

“Just because of how much work he got in the week and right now he is our starting right tackle. We got him a lot of work and I plan on him starting this game on Thursday. So that was kind of the dilemma I was telling you guys about a lot of that stuff that just with these games and where they’ve been put for us with three of them in 13 days, we’ve had to balance all that stuff out.”

What does that say about T Mike McGlinchey’s timeline for coming back?

“It just says that he’s not healthy right now. I don’t think he’s going this week. And we’re going to test him next week after this, so we’ll see how that is, but that doesn’t really have to do with Colton. That’s just been this deal with all of our starters and the guys playing with the whole weird schedule that we have.”

Where do things stand with CB Charvarius Ward?

“Hoping to get him back right after the Houston game.”

With your crazy schedule with the guys, how do you plan on measuring that out for the week with practice and then who’s going to suit up for the game on Thursday?

“Yeah, most of the guys who’d didn’t dress for this game should be able– we’d like to get in this game, it won’t be all of them. But we’d like to starters to be able to, most of the starters, to be able to play in this game. And then when you take the starters out you have to make sure you have enough guys to finish the game, so they’ll continue being the guys who probably started last game.”

QB Brock Purdy as far as how he’s commanding the huddle, working the play clock is he ahead of where most rookies in your experience as a quarterback would be?

“Yes, Brock was a four-year starter in the Big Ten and I think that doesn’t get talked about enough, how much experience that is for someone. For him to have that many games under his belt, that’s a lot of football and I know it’s college football, but that’s still a lot of pressure from a freshman all the way to his senior year. So Brock has played a lot of quarterback and he’s come here and hasn’t let the big lights or being around NFL players change that. He’s been kind of the same guy that you’ve seen on tape and that’s allowed him to have a chance to get better.”