Head Coach Kyle Shanahan Press Conference

Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

Press Conference – December 8, 2023

San Francisco 49ers

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Opening comments:

“Injuries for the game: [DL] Aric Armstead will be out, [TE] Ross Dwelley is out, [WR] Ray-Ray McCloud [III] is out, [CB] Darrell Luter [Jr.] is doubtful, [OL] Spencer Burford is doubtful and [RB] Elijah [Mitchell] is doubtful.”


Ray-Ray returned to practice and then he was out. Did he aggravate his rib?

“No, he came out. I think he was limited on Wednesday, but didn’t feel great. So we’ve got to be safe with him. Had a number of ribs.”


Did you see the Seattle Seahawks injury report with QB Geno Smith’s status is a game time decision? Does that do anything as far as just the prep work to get ready for Seattle Seahawks QB Drew Lock?

“No. I mean, all our prep work is pretty much done. Similar style quarterbacks doesn’t change the scheme much, so it wouldn’t change anything regardless.”


You and the Seahawks know each other so well. Do you expect them to show you something that you haven’t seen to surprise you in any way?

“Yeah, there’s always some different wrinkles both teams will do. But you’re right, we do know each other well. And this time of year, there’s only so much new stuff you can do. So I mean, they’ll have a few things. We’ll have a few things. But, it’s going to come down to who plays better football.”


With Mitchell doubtful, I’m guessing that might mean a bigger role for RB Jordan Mason. How thankful are you about RB Christian McCaffrey’s durability?

“It has been great. I mean, we’ve been pretty fortunate with all running backs this year. I know Elijah’s banged up this week, but thought he had a chance to go and so it shouldn’t be too long. But, it’s been great for him to keep his health. JP’s been pretty healthy too, so it’s been good so far.”


Will you have to elevate one of those guys from the practice squad?

“Most likely, yeah.”


We’ve talked a couple times about McCaffrey having a walk-on mentality. Is there another player you’ve coached or even like your dad has coached that is reminiscent of a superstar who just doesn’t exhale?

“Not, that I know of. I definitely haven’t been around anyone who’s like him. Most of the great ones are very obsessive, compulsive about their craft. I think [DL] Nick’s [Bosa] very similar to that and stuff and [LB] Fred Warner. But, Christian just is a little bit different and it’s unusual, but he’s also one of the most confident guys I’ve been around too. So you pair all those things together, it’s what makes him so special.”


Is there a unique mix of still having confidence and swagger, but acts like he’s done nothing?

“Yes, I think so. I’d like to say I think I had a walk-on mentality, but I was a walk-on. So I had to or you weren’t going to make it. I was insecure that I wasn’t going to make it, so I had to be that way. Christian is going to make it and he’s going to be pretty damn good at whatever he does, but just the way he goes about it. I mean, everyone would tell you the same and how hard he is on himself. We had half speed on Wednesday and he came up to me halfway through practice and wanted to make sure I knew that he’s not full go right now and it’ll look better in a couple days. Thanks for telling me, but we know it’ll look better. But, that’s just how his mindset is. He knows there’s always more in the tank and when he’s as successful as he is and you guys see how he plays and he still believes that he can raise it to another level it’s really fun as a coach.”


You did earn a scholarship, I’ll note.

“I did, but earned one. It was by having a walk-on mentality. They felt bad for me.”