General Manager John Lynch Press Conference

General Manager John Lynch

Press Conference – August 2, 2022

San Francisco 49ers

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Opening comments:

“It’s somewhat embarrassing, but I had a little biking incident, situation. Ironically right after we finished [WR] Deebo [Samuel], Linda said time to get some fresh air and we went outside and I happened to land on my face, so I’m a little bruised up I’m not interested in becoming a meme going forward, so. I’m laying low for a little bit, but we’re not here to talk about me. We’re here to talk about Deebo and in the statement the other day, I think some people were having fun with it, using the word overjoyed, but that really was the sense. I can’t tell you how happy we are as an organization. How proud really that I am for Deebo Samuel. I remember so vividly watching him with admiration and then having an opportunity at Mobile was when we really got to know Deebo and understand him by just being around him, there’s something magnetic about his personality. Not only his play, but about the way he carries himself, that smile, all those things. And then what he’s done for this organization since, Kyle talked about it, I talked about it, his play is incredibly inspirational. I’ve used something that [Arizona State head coach] Herm Edwards used to talk a lot about, when will meets skill you have an opportunity to be special. And I think Deebo probably embodies that better than any player I’ve ever seen, so we’re extremely proud, excited, overjoyed, all those things to have Deebo in the fold for years to come. I’m thankful to Deebo, to [Samuel’s agent] Tory Dandy, [former NFL executive] Jay Nienkark, who played a part in this at CAA for bringing this across the finish line. And it took some hard work. It was an interesting journey, but we knew all along that Deebo Samuel makes us better. And when you know that and there’s a tremendously strong relationship and then relationships, sometimes you have ups and downs. And there were some interesting times during this offseason, but we held onto that, first of all, the love we have for the kid. I think that’s mutual. I really do believe that and then just the fact that he makes us so much better as a team. We held onto that, worked hard and were able to get something done, and we’re extremely proud. With that, I’ll open it up for questions.”

You talk about those interesting times with Deebo, what was your approach in just making sure that everybody got on the same page and you guys could have a workable relationship? Not only personally, but professionally going forward?

“Just time. Communication. Those things and that was made difficult at times because that wasn’t always possible, but also remaining steadfast and understanding we have a responsibility to our organization and as I articulated over and over, he makes us better. And we’re going to stick to our guns and knowing that in the end, he loves being a part of this organization. How could you look at the kid in that beautiful suit the other day and not understand that this guy loves being a Niner, so holding on to that. And I think that brought us through that.”

Head coach Kyle Shanahan’s talked a lot about the importance of getting in person, being able to see Deebo face-to-face in terms of working through some of this stuff. Was there a point where you guys ever had to make a special trip or do anything to see him to kind of start building that bridge back?

“I’m going to leave those things unsaid. I can tell you that we worked our tails off to communicate. It is difficult at times during the offseason. And I think a huge step in this, as I look, was when Deebo made the decision to come, albeit he didn’t participate, but just to show up at the mandatory mini-camp. I thought that was huge and it really allowed us to say, okay, you know what? And I’ve always said, when there’s motivation on both sides to get a deal done, it’s just a matter of time. Held onto that thought all along, but right there, I said, okay, we’re good, so.”

You guys have about 40 other players going into their contract year, so what are the realistic expectations that somebody else might have an extension before the season? Or are you going to just let basically everybody else play out?

“I don’t know. We’ll continue to have– we’re always working through roster things. Three-year planning, doing those things. And I think we’ve always been extremely high up towards the top of the top of the league in terms of guys signed. The last couple of years, we’ve done a lot of one-year deals. I think that contributes to it, but we feel really good about where we are as a roster. We will always continue to work to improve that and we like signing our own players, so nothing in the works right now, but you always leave the leave that open.”

T Trent Williams said that he was talking to both sides throughout the process. Were there any other players that came up to you and were like offering encouragement about Deebo’s extension?

“Well, I think everybody was interested. He’s such an important part of this team. Trent’s got a tremendous amount of wisdom, he really does. And it’s been so fun getting to know him and feeling that. He’s a trusted friend of Deebos, I know that. And he’s a player for us, but Kyle and I are both very close with him. And Kyle obviously has a much longer relationship having coached him at Washington. And I think Trent was helpful. Just giving some council Trent’s been there before. And we were thankful for that and it took all those things to push it across the finish line, but we’re there now and super, super fired up about the prospects moving forward. And nobody said it better than Deebo when we first talked after we agreed the first thing he told me, it’s time to go to work. And that’s exactly right. We can be excited about this, but now it is time to put in the work and I’m proud of him as well with all this, all the noise out there, he was doing the work on his own and looks to be in a good place in terms of being in shape. And so, we’re encouraged by that as well.”

Were you wearing a helmet?

“Here’s my PSA announcement, no. Yeah, I was not and I paid for it. I’m scheduled to be in Canton to support a couple of friends, [NFL Hall of Fame DL] Bryant Young and [NFL Hall of Fame OL] Tony Boselli, but I don’t know. I can wear shades, but I think I’m going to be answering so many questions that I might just be better up here in my office. I can do my job up here and we’ll see. I heal quickly.”

No broken bones?

“No, no broken bones, but a broken ego.”

Is there any sort of update you can give us on QB Jimmy Garoppolo? Are you still in holding pattern there or any progress on that front at all?

“Jimmy’s doing a really good job. Kind of building his stamina in the throwing program that was prescribed all along and working out really strongly and aggressively, but yeah that situation is kind of where we’ve described it before. We’ll stay patient through this one as well and come to a great conclusion for everybody involved.”

Is it still mid-August when he’s scheduled to be kind of fully cleared to participate in a full practice?

“Well, he’s cleared to be in practice. We’ve just made the decision that it’s in his best interest to be off to the side and that was made mutually. It was made with Dr. El Attrache, but he has no restrictions and I’m watching him throw out here right now. He looks pretty good.”