Defensive Coordinator DeMeco Ryans Press Conference

Defensive Coordinator DeMeco Ryans

Press Conference – September 30, 2021

San Francisco 49ers

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What were your takeaways from that last Packers drive? Big picture of what went wrong there?

“Yeah, just technique. I think just overall things we can learn from and we’ll grow from and get better from it. But overall, just technique. It starts with me, I’ve got a coach it better and we’ve got to execute it better. That’s it there.”

After the game, CB Jimmie Ward alluded to maybe some communication issues, just due to the amount of corners you’re going through. Was there an issue on that last completion to Packers WR Davante Adams where Jimmie seemed to be kind of scrambling at the snap there?

“Yeah, we’ve just got to get aligned and we’ve got to communicate better. We’ve got to get aligned faster and we’ve just got to play our technique better. And our guys, we’ve already talked about those things, addressed them and that’s just overall, the process of everything has to be better.”

LB Fred Warner said he thought he should have, on that last snap to Adams, he should not have been so close to the line of scrimmage, maybe 5 yards back. Given that situation, why weren’t your linebackers back?

“Yeah, we could have been back, but at the end of the day, like I said, it was technique things there at the end that we could’ve done better. And that all starts with me and it starts with me first and we’ll learn from it and get better from it.”

The pass interference penalties, it seems like every week there’s multiple ones, which isn’t great. Is there something that you can do technique-wise to have these guys slow those down?

“Yeah, the P.I.s, guys just have to be confident when the ball is in the air. That’s just it. The technique is there. Guys are tight in coverage, just the technique there when the catch point is about to happen, guys just have to cleaner at the catch point.”

Wide-nine certainly has its strengths. It seemed that one weakness might be that it makes it easier for the offense to chip the defensive ends. Do you feel you need to vary your fronts to protect against that or is there a different solution?

“Oh yeah. When you have a great rusher like [DL Nick] Bosa, teams, they have to find a way to handle him. And that’s what teams have been doing. They’ve been chipping him a lot and he’s garnered a lot of attention because of the type of player that he is. Great players, you’ve got to handle them and that’s what teams are doing against him. They’re chipping him.”

What can you do to help him? Is the wide-nine making it harder?

“Yeah, it’s not anything to do with the wide-nine from that standpoint. He’s a defensive end. No matter what alignment you’re in, if you’re there, the guys motion down and they can chip you. So, we will have some different things to do to help Bosa with that. Of course, you don’t want to see the way they’re chipping him. The violence chips that he’s getting, I hate to see it for him. First and foremost, it’s a health and safety issue that I think needs to be addressed, but we have to do a better job of just helping him with some calls there.”

Are you saying they’re not legal hits?

“No, I’m just saying it has to be addressed the way they’re coming in and chipping him. Yeah.”

With teams getting the ball out as quick as they were against you guys, how do you kind of walk the line between, pressing up in coverage and things like that versus wanting to get your defensive line a chance to rush?

“Yeah. It’s all a mixture of as much as you can. Just mixing it up. There’ll be times when we’re press, times we’re not press and those are different times in the game. Different situations call for different techniques and we’ll just mix it up and go from there.”

What’s the message to the cornerbacks this week with Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson coming in, knowing he’s going to take a couple of downfield shots like he does every time?

“Yeah. We know Seattle is a very explosive offense. That’s how they get things going, how they score points. They’re very explosive. Both wide receivers on the outside, 14 [Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf] and 16 [Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett] are explosive guys. And Russell, he’s a big time play maker. He’s done it for a long time in this league. He knows how to buy time in the pocket, probably as best as anyone that I’ve seen. And you just have to stay alert. No matter whether they’re quick routes, they can all turn into double-moves. Our corners, everybody has to stay alert, corners, safeties, linebackers. Everybody has to be aware of that.”

How do think CB Emmanuel Moseley did in the Green Bay game?

“I think he was good. First game back. He’s come a long way from the process he had to battle back from the injury and get back. So, I’m just happy for Moseley. He was able to go out there, but like anyone’s first game back, it’s of course a little rusty. But he’s done an excellent job for us. Moseley is a great communicator. He’s been really good for us in the back end.”

How do you assess your run defense right now?

“Run defense, we have to play better and it starts up front with our interior, our D-line, linebackers, everybody has to play better. The run game is not on anyone in particular, but it’s all about a mindset. So in the run game, we have to have to do better. Have to be more physical. We have to knock back and make sure we’re the aggressor in the run game.”

Going in a Week 4, it’s a new position for you. Do you feel like you’re right up to where you should be? Is there anything that has been more challenging to you than you thought it might be?

“I think every week presents its own set of different challenges. So, every week, just learning as much as I can every week and it’s been good. I have a lot of great guys on the staff that have been great assets and it’s been good. Like you said, every week it’s something different that comes up. Not just a set way that things are going to go. Some things you have to look out for, but it’s just trying to prepare as best we can every week for whatever can be thrown our way.”

When you watch the Seahawks offense on film, do you see the Los Angeles Rams influence?

“Definitely. You see a mix of the Rams and the Seattle Seahawks offense kind of mixed together. Whether it’s the run game with the Rams and also pass concepts that kind of stayed over from Seattle. You see really those guys married up really well and the schemes kind of fit each other pretty smooth. And it seems like it’s been an easy transition for Russell and those guys to handle those concepts that they’re doing.”

Davante Adams last week. This week, it’s D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. How do you get your cornerbacks more adjusted and ready for those two players?

“First off, it starts mentally. You have to be up for the challenge mentally. We know we’re going against great receivers and that’s every week in his league. If your facing a good team, I’m pretty sure they’re going to have some good studs on the outside at receiver. So that’s the position, that cornerback, that safety position. That’s what those guys thrive for, going up against the best. And they know the challenge and they just have to own up to the challenge and just compete. Every snap, every snap we line up, we’ve got to compete. It doesn’t matter who we line up against, we’re going to give them our best.”

When you prepare your defensive backs for tackling D.K. Metcalf, do you maybe think of him like he’s a tight end? Like they need to go a little bit lower?

“Tackling is about swarm. It’s not about one guy. It’s about all 11 guys, swarming. That’s what tackling is about. So, your aiming point has to be good, strike zone, aim through the strike zone. And guys just have to wrap up. And second man in, and third man in, everybody is swarming to the ball.”

Can you just go back to Sunday night? What was postgame like for you? Did you immediately go watch film? Do you stay here? What was the 24-hour rule with you?

“No, it was like any other game. First off for me, I don’t sleep after the games. I’m just up after, whether a win or loss. I don’t sleep either way. So just up, you watch the game over again and see, where did we excel? Things we did well. I just go through and review the game, no matter win or loss. You go through review the things, see what you did good, what you didn’t do well, what do you have to improve on. And that won’t change whether it’s a win or a loss, that process doesn’t change at all for me.”

Do you watch by yourself or do you watch with the coaches?

“First off, I watch the game by myself. Yeah. And then we come together as a coaching staff and watch it together.”

Not sleeping after the game, did that start when you were a player?

“Yeah, just so much adrenaline just rushing. Just up. Can’t go to sleep.”