CB Deommodore Lenoir Press Conference

CB Deommodore Lenoir

Press Conference – May 1, 2021

San Francisco 49ers

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I was wondering what the 49ers have told you about what your role might be with them? You seem to have some potential versatility as far as playing in the defensive backfield.

“Yes, sir. I’ve talked to them about me playing nickel and outside. I’m ready wherever the coaches need me.”

What does it feel like just knowing you’re going to stay on the West Coast? You’re a LA guy who went up to Oregon, and now you’re going to the Bay in between.

“It feels good. The feeling is so surreal just being able to be drafted and hear your name called on live television. The feeling is just great.”

The 49ers have spoken about the possibility of former 49ers CB Richard Sherman returning. I’m sure you’re familiar with how he plays. What would it mean to be on the same roster as him?

“It is actually a great feeling and that’s like one of my close family members. Being able to play with him and just learn the ropes from an older guy, it’s just a blessing.”

Can you explain the relationship between you and Richard Sherman?

“He’s just a close friend of the family. We just say we are family members, but he is just a close friend. Him and my coach went to school together and they have been best friends ever since. I’ve become super close with my coach from my high school, so we were all close together.”

On the background of your twitter profile are hyenas. Is that part of the mentality you have when you’re on the field?

“Yeah. I just take the game as it is, a kill or be killed. Whenever you step on that field, you are either going to be a hyena or you are going to be the prey. So in other words, I’m the hyena.”

What’s the name of your high school coach that you’re close to? Then, I want to know some tips Richard Sherman told you about playing in the NFL.

“D’Vah Thomas is my high school coach’s name. What Richard Sherman basically told me is, at the end of the day, it’s just football. Just, you got to slow the game down and lock into your keys and you’ll be able to make plays.”